Samsung Galaxy A50s unboxing, hands-on review, camera samples, and more

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Today, we are going to take a detailed look at the Samsung Galaxy A50s. #SamsungGalaxyA50s

Host: Sreehari
Editor: Nitesh

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Ânand Mehta says:

Please give full review of A50s with Audio quality, battery life, detailed camera review with super steady, night, super slow motion and more.

d shashi says:

Hey Bro Can We Install GCam In 9611 Processor?

Krishna Sagar says:

Where is your channel logo

Papu Kumar 2 says:

Where is your channel logo

Chetan Gajare says:

Use aida64 app to know which camera sensors are they.
Reviewer doesnt know how to check sensors. This is shit

Chetan Gajare says:

Lodu a50 feb 2019 me aaya tha. Bc pichle saal me kya bol raha h

Sunil Kumar says:

Bhaai aapka face and aapki voice "Arijit singh" se 100% match karti hai…,

Bista Bimal says:

Who is that son of a bitch who hacked shreehari's channel??

kalana viraj says:

is this better than A70

Bobby Roberts says:

Soc is still Exynos 9610, not 9611 I believe


I am so confused, the logo changed so i thought someone is ripping off of their channel 🤭

Topsingh Lilhare says:

23000 में स्टैण्डर्ड हेडफोन!!!!!कमाल है

J D says:

Did they add ip rating to it?

Alok Singh says:

Bhaiya storage type kaun sa h?

बशीर says:

Thumbnail bahot tatti hai bhai

बशीर says:

Arey arijit singh ye kis line mein aa gye aap? 😂😂😂

Akash Chauhan says:

Wtf Is Sreehari Smoking 🚬 ? , Samsung A50 Came Early This Year Not Last Year , He Mentioned Twice In a Video That Samsung A50 was His Favourite That He Reviewed Last Year

AV creations says:

honor view 20 best h 25k m

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