Samsung Galaxy A50 Camera Review- Triple Camera Good Enough?

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Samsung Galaxy A50 is the latest smartphone from Samsung under the A series and here is the detailed review of Galaxy A50 camera which has a triple camera set up.

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Art Cina says:

You're the best bad English speaker I have ever seen, amazing video!

Irai Amudhan says:

Do it after the camera update

Hyunseo Lee says:

I was laughing at his accent😂😂😂😂 what was he even talking about😂😂😂😂😂

Sheena Kataria says:

Its not vibrat and awsome in my one light green colour is looking dark green colour

ExcelsiorBF52 says:

Abdul Rashid approves 👍

Ivan Nikolov says:

How should i launch portrait mode?

deepak choudhary says:

Camera with ois or not

Mariana Diaz Camejo says:

What a moustache 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼

Rishi Rathore says:

camera of this mob is waste

Giardintek says:

The portrait mode on this phone really sucks, No detail whatsoever…

DaveKarl says:

I was captivated by the youtube ad for Cristiano Ostinelli wedding photographer before the video.

Roshin Alex John says:

Watch this video to know how to record 4k video in Samsung Galaxy A50

JJ Rueda says:

what about Pocofone f1 vs Samsung A50

Omar Faruk says:

hello sir! what is better between p30 lite and A50 in camera section?

Tejas dhaliwal says:

Bhai mere A50 me colors bahaut gande aate hai…mtlb colorfull pic ni aati

Mohammad Jalillvand says:

Pls help me! My last phone was Samsung galaxy j7pro and that had 12 mg pixel but that camera was really nice and had more quality than galaxy a50. For example when I take pics with galaxy a50 it have 2 or 6 MB but don't have quality and is not Colourful also this phone have triple camera with 25 Megapixle how can fix it please tell me

ഖത്തർ ഡയറീസ് ഖത്തർ ഡയറീസ് says:

Front facing camera very very bad

tedy Smith says:

Sir I have an important question,, sir why does the front cam has a beter quality than the back cam??
Asap sir

Jared Ortega says:

Whats the use of the camera on the back (the one at the top)?

Ahmed Shagor says:

this device has any gcm support apk?

Sofa King says:

Is the back of the A50 glass or plastic like the P30 lite plz reply ??

Ibra Allen says:

could someone please advice me between samsung a7 and A50 which is the best

Javit soi says:

Im using it rgt now and its not that gr8 considering the price

Bxtch Please says:

I bought Samsung A50. Kinda dissapointed from the front cam. Tell me guys how to adjust the beautify/filter in front cam. Thanks!

mocn rise says:

can’t the user remove the watermark “samsung triple camera” on the lower left of the photos??? i’m not sure if i would buy a phone with a camera that captures pictures that always have watermark in it. is it removable?

FURIOUS prathesh says:

Front camera more focuses behind objects not primary objects and rear camera has some noise issue which result not gud quality camera totally #samsungA50 camera is disappointment

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