Samsung Galaxy A31 vs A51 vs A71 Camera Comparison Test!

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Samsung Galaxy A31 (Amazon Link)
Samsung Galaxy A31 GSM (Amazon)
Samsung Galaxy A51 (Amazon):
Samsung Galaxy A51 (B&H Photo):
Samsung Galaxy A71 (Amazon):
Samsung Galaxy A71 (B&H Photo)

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TechDaily says:

📸 Pictures start at 05:15 Are you surprised by these samples? 🧐
Samsung Galaxy A31 (Amazon):
Samsung Galaxy A51 (Amazon):
Samsung Galaxy A71 (Amazon):

Pongdetch Tippo says:

i prefer a51. it's the right size for me.

Waldonator GR98 says:

Samsung went to the dark side, the Apple side this year, shame. But these A series are great deals. Their best lineup I think.

Assassin Hit says:

I am in great turmoil about buying between iphone 7 plus and samsung galaxy a71. Can anyone give suggestion?

bouris b says:

Me here crying with the a70 right when a71 came out
Edit: also is the a51's camera better than the a70?

magicfok says:

A31 the best.
just the software limited the quality of A31.

marcelo balauta says:

cant afford these 3 devices..stock on 2nd hand iphone 5

Abdur Rahman says:

A31 has 20 megapixel selfi camera you have mentioned 12 megapixel which is wrong @TechDaily

check Cheer says:

handsome hulk🙄

Rennie Ash says:

They are all annoying in regular modes, where one excels in detail and HDR, it adds more super samsung saturation… They might be good for the average person who doesn't care as much about the finer aspects of colour and detail, as the pictures are generally vibrant.

Rennie Ash says:

Seeing these after people complain Apple "uses the same design"

Cla55ic Fanatic says:

Where can I get the wallpaper from the A71?

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