Samsung Galaxy A20 Camera Review: Best Camera Under $180

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Mr. Carroll Ware says:

$180 you can buy LG Q6 or Q7.

Abdullahi Cato film's says:

Helo friend who is better j4+ and A20 and A10??.

Emmanuel Orcullo says:

such a daddy

Liiivvv Elizabeth says:

How is the audio at concerts ?

ERYX Gh0st says:

Thank u bro I definitely needed to see this video….helped me alot

lhateG00GLE says:

His face looks like plastic. These stupid beauty modes are liked in Asia. We don't like this ssshit here.

Wax Doe says:

It's a 8mp… the front that is. Get it right.

Thiru Kural says:

Worst review


better than the moto power camera. who's better

Livn Life says:

Ughhhhhh. (((🔇 mute))) 🙉🙉🙉🙉🙉🙉🙉🙉..all i hear us NOISE NOISE NOISE..been goood to just watch video.dont know how i ended up on this video page. Smh

Jon Harrison says:

Love the constant hesitation to endorse the camera. I agree it's not the greatest. Video seemed poor to me from the low resolution.

Brian Crawford says:

Absolutely no one :
This guy:you can definitely tell its a samsung phone*

cool guy the 1 says:

Why the heck does the camera add a makeup effect on pictures even when the setting is off ? Grrr! Pictures and face come out looking like a oil painting

Matthew Copper says:

Need a video for tips and tricks for the Samsung Galaxy A20

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