Samsung A71 – Honest Review & Real World Camera Test (After 2 Weeks)

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Forget flagships. The Samsung A71 is such a capable device that I honestly think you don’t have to spend a ton of money to enjoy great performance. Let me know what you think.

To see more camera shots, check out my Instagram @ LimReviews.


ya hoo says:

Does this have a better camera than my s9? Theres a few features missing such as autofocus etc

Nwachai Ekene says:

Which should I buy A71 or Mi 9t?

Epitome Lock says:

Great to see up and coming Malaysian youtubers who're doing a pretty good job. Keep up this kind of content, I like it

ali humaya says:

How good is playing heavy games like PUG?

Li Na says:

I was testing this phone next to S10e and I liked S10e better – because it's compact and everything is easier for me- but I disliked it since exynos version s10e battery is trash as I heard .
I'm still deciding what to buy

Some TR says:

Hocam bu 3000 tl ye düşermi cevap verirsen sevinirim TR TR

Roderick Alexander CFP says:

Really good review bro
Compare with poco X2 pls

dean.ab says:

Arghhhhhh Saloma Link!!!

and2nckiko says:

Some owner of a71 in the Philippines are experiencing screen discoloration/yellowish.

Adam Lobo says:

Great review brotherman, I didn't get to review the A71 and it seems to be eally good! Keep up the amazing job my friend 🙂

LEEDAQ says:

6.7 inch…

tidakhotmail says:

Awesome and honest review. Since you use an IPhone as your daily driver, do you think its worth to switch to Android? Keep it up bro. Love this channel.

HMS GMO says:

Tnq so much for the comprehensive review. I've made up my mind now. Will be getting one this week!!!👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼😁

Lim Reviews says:

To jump straight and see the AWESOME camera samples from the A71, feel free to skip to 5:16. Cheers!
PS: Quick correction. My A71 comes with 8GB of RAM, not 6GB. All the more reason to purchase 😂

SanskaR GatlA says:

Which one should i buy redmi k30 or samsung a71

K C says:

Good and objective review as usual👍🏻

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