Samsung A70 vs Redmi K20 vs Samsung A50 Camera Test & Comparison

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Here’s the Camera Test and Comparison between Samsung A70 Redmi K20 Mi 9T and Samsung A50 .
This video contains sample photos and videos taken from the rear and front camera of these devices.
Sample images includes AI Enhanced Shots, Portrait Live Focus, Macro Shot, Low Light, Daylight and Slow Motion and Time-Lapse.

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Bharath Bharath says:

A50 fans like here👍

Jay dlc says:

K20 made by slaves

Alden Farias says:

K20's front cam is crap

aniket kamble says:

Pubg test and durability test

seby 0906 says:

watching on my a70

Vivek Kumar says:

Bro Please make video of your house/villa tour. Please please please please please…

SolidEx24 says:

U make awsm video.
Plzz do comparison of realme x and redmi k20

Ur Silly Mistakes says:

actually i saw many videos on youtube that a50 has a bug,without any
reason it gives a error about Moisture detected in charging port is it
true…..? are you facing any issue,do reply

Q5w7 says:


Thara Tuallawt hbf says:

Fake video. Samsung is Best

TheDiamondGauntlet says:

Wtf? 2 views, 53 likes??

Mariner Shubham says:

I am very confused who is best

Ibnu says:

1 view and 37 LIKES

Prabal Kamra says:

K20 is best among all those two plastic shits

Him Upadhyay says:

K20 is so pro 😍

Soumyabrata Das says:

Best camera comparison video 🙋👌👍

Martina Martins says:

Antagal ng Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro or K20 Pro.. 😭😭😭

R Tech Media says:

I watched first

Alak Dawn says:

K20 is the winner for me. Btw, Super nice and detailed video. Keep it up bro. Make more videos like this.

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