RYLO 360º Camera. A mountain biker’s unbox and review. How good is it for filming your MTB ride?

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The Rylo camera has the potential for being the one of the best cameras for filming mountain bike rides. There are some issues that firmware updates will hopefully address. I have high hopes!

0:28 UNBOXING the Rylo
0:53 Overview of the Rylo
1:24 The biggest benefit of the Rylo
2:08 Ditch the gimbal!
2:27 No camera settings
3:15 No desktop app
4:21 Inconsistent image quality
5:13 Audio
5:56 Possible audio solution
7:23 Tip on mounting/positioning the Rylo
9:32 Recap

The Rylo has the potential to be the perfect MTB camera. It has some issues that firmware updates and a desktop app could handle, so I am hopeful for what Rylo will deliver in the future.

Bike: Intense Recluse
Camera: Hero 5 Session
Camera mount: generic chest mount
Gimbal: Feiyu Tech WGS


Vlog Epicness says:

I prefer head mounts. I don’t need to see handle bars in the middle of the shot. Other than that great review.

mohd basyir says:

Hi, this camera can record 40 minute to 1 hour straight?

Deepak Nanda says:

Are u using gimble here ?

mgp says:

"Lens Pubes"

PittsburghActive says:

Brother! That’s how you review gear. Thank you!

Pahoa Productions says:

I love my rylo, I just wish that when you upload your vid to the your computer it’s actually in 4k https://youtu.be/ZiPgLG7fZPU Just doesn’t come out crisp as my GoPro hero 5

AJ Olkonen says:

You can put it in your bars then use the software to make it look like a chest mounted gimbal

Over The Bars says:

Subbed cool channel bro

Insta360 says:

How can Rylo be mounted on your chest? Is there any chest mount that you recommend?

armand0 says:

This Rylo camera looks good for mobile editing. Not exactly Youtube footage but for like having a second POV for Instagram. Let's say that you own a GoPro with a gimbal of your choice and a Rylo. You can have the GoPro+Gimbal footage for Youtube and then entice all viewers to get on your insta for the Rylo shots and viceversa. I'm seriously considering buying it also for more casual footage recording if Im not planning to have it on youtube and more for filler content and Insta Stories.

hedmisten says:

Kelly running a 2018 Bronson? What hub is she running?

DropForgedSurvival says:

Where did you get or how did you make the Dead Cats for your Rylo?

Straight No Braker says:

Ive been using the Rylo for short clips and everything in this review is absolutely correct and spot on. Worth the purchase for me but serious filmers may need to still deal with a gimbal for the time being. Nice work dude

The Adventure Biker says:

Good review man! I think this could be a must-have but not until the improvements that you have mentioned have been made.

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