Roxant Pro Video Camera Stabilizer Unboxing and Test

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Do you have a camera stabilizer? People like this test because I record myself using the stabilizer on a separate camera.
Purchase the Roxant Pro Video Camera Stabilizer at this link. It helps me out.
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Evecase Camera Bag:
Sony DSLR (main DSLR):
Zhiyun-Crane (main stabilizer):
Zhiyun-Crane Grip (stabilizer grip):
Roxant-Pro Video Camera Stabilizer (backup stabilizer):
Sony Primed Fixed Lens (main lens):
Heliopan Variable ND (main lens):
Sony Wide Angle Lens (wide lens):
Heliopan Variable ND (wide lens):
Drone Lens Filters:
Canon DSLR (backup cam):
Canon EF-M Lens (backup cam lens):
How I VLOG w/ my External Mic w/ Backup Cam:
Logitech Webcam:
Zoom Handy Recorder (external audio recorder):
Windscreen for Audio Recorder:
Manfrotto Tripod (amazing tripod):
Joby Gorillapod (little tripod):
Rode VideoMic (external camera audio):
Sennheiser Wireless Lavalier (awesome lavalier mic):
Aputure (amazing little light):
Black Light:
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Pop Filter:
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ASTRO Gaming Headphones:
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ROXANT says:

Hey, Nice Demo!

Hidayat Fishing says:

how much is it, buddy?

THE JOURNEY 'putnik' says:

Nice ഇത് കൊള്ളാം

Zsolt Oláh says:

Thank you. Helps a lot.

joe nick says:

Nice video man! Can I ask what you have used to mount the mic on the side of the camera?? Thanks

Sarah Braxton says:

You’re super hot 🔥

Tamerlan Hamidov says:

You were just running away from your wife, camera stabilizer was just excuse 😀

Lakeshore Paranormal says:

Nice I'm thinking of getting one thanks for sharing

Cowboy Jojo’s Adventures says:

Thank you for the tips 👍🏼 I just bought one ☝️

Всеволод Свобода says:

thx for video

Rob K says:

how did you mount the stabilizer in the car..? I saw both your hand on the steering wheel. is it mounted or is someone holding it and pointing it at you..?

Gregory Alexander says:

I think you did a bad job of assembling it, this thing makes much better results.

Oxmate says:

I got the exact same one but got no instructions at all….how lose do you have the handle?

YanChing says:

thanks for sharing, somehow the result seems a bit disapointing…

FlybyFrancis says:

this is great!

RunRun Shaw says:

Good inclusion of you filming from your wife's perspective 👍

Komikino says:

Was looking up information on a new stabilizer that I can hopefully use with my Sony CX900 and Canon 70D and came across your video. You got some good movement shots with this stabilizer. Would you recommend it?
I think my cameras weigh more than the 2.1 pounds this thing is limited to though…

Maneq H says:

Does your lens have OIS ?

Nature-Studio CZE says:

xD black man

phil doodler says:

That was pretty decent footage. What camera were you using and did that or the lens have OIS enabled?

chocolate nomad says:

I like your Vlogs bro I just subscribed to your Channel check me out sometimes I think I'm going to buy that item the roxant

Blue Dragon Media says:

It's easy to spot a Casey Neistat viewer. Lol.

RETUSAF1995 says:

FeiyuTech Vimble 2 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal is cheap $95.00 on Ebay. I just ordered one for my son. I use to like yours but why not let the machine do the work.

Mae Ess says:

Hi Gabe, fast forward to today, are you still using this stabilizer and do you still recommend it?

The Digital Review says:

Nice demo of the stabilizer! I subbed

Bruce Elias Robert says:

Great demo. I am thinking of purchasing a gimble, but checking prices on wallmart on gimble, a Roxant Pro Video Camera Stabilizer seems to be within my budget range. Keep up the good work.

The PDR Shop Charlie Molina says:

Thanks for sharing this.

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