Ring Spotlight Cameras Long Term Review – Wired, Battery And Mount Versions

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It has been a year that I have my Ring Spotlight Cam wired or the plugged in version; about 11 months on the Ring spotlight Cam battery and about 8 months on the mount version. Because they are all the same spotlight cameras and just different versions of it, i’ll do a long term review on all of them and if anything comes up or any major changes, then I’ll make another update video.

I’ll link all my past reviews and updates below.

Ring Spotlight Cam Wired – https://youtu.be/vS-QFG5VPhc
Ring Spotlight Cam Battery – https://youtu.be/LDHs6PfzA90
Ring Spotlight Cam Mount – https://youtu.be/9ZKZ8hURMRE

Ring Spotlight Cam Battery Update – https://youtu.be/Tw9KkWVLkeM
Ring Spotlight Cam Mount Auxiliary Light Issue – https://youtu.be/LRZQBb2SLUg
Ring Spotlight vs Ring Floodlight – https://youtu.be/9MRqF-9QVYU

Shop Ring Spotlight at Amazon:

Ring Spotlight Cam Wired – https://amzn.to/2wUzsGW
Ring Spotlight Cam Battery – https://amzn.to/2oUYNwK
Ring Spotlight Cam Mount – https://amzn.to/2wYieZe

Ring Spotlight Accessories by Wasserstein:
Solar Panel Kit – https://amzn.to/2O2UieH
Silicone Cover for Wired – https://amzn.to/2NvUDJB
Silicone Cover for Battery – https://amzn.to/2oReJQJ

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Derick Deridder says:

Good job good video

Marco L says:

How close does the camera has to be to the router for the wifi?

Kjell Andresen says:

Big thank you for the time and effort you put in to this.

Got Game says:

The choppiness happens from time to time I actually think it was a software issue.

Dream Weaver says:

Can you do a video showing the motion gaps?

Glsrider says:

Thanks for your detailed reviews. These actually were influences why I switched my camera system to Ring. I have one issue though. My frontyard spotlight wired never turns to full color when the light is activated as opposite to my backyard. Though it turns to partial colored, the infrared never shuts off giving it a washed out video recording. Ring has sent a replacement unit but it does the same thing. Does the view where it is focused might have something to do with it? My frontyard is grass- covered which renders the view darker at night while my backyard is concrete rendering a brighter view at night when light is on. That, I think might be affecting the light sensor of the units. Testing it indoors gives a different result as both units turn to full color when light is activated. Hoping for some insights. Thanks.

Chiko Lai says:

Where did you get the ceiling mount for the ring Spotlight cam wireless? Can't find one anywhere…

Ghettonasty1914 says:

Which camera would be your preference for a townhouse for a small back yard that might be 20' by 30' space. Spotlight or flood light?. I do have power on the back patio but its on the outside, but I do not want the power to be exposed. Not sure about drilling a hole into the wall so the power can be on the inside either. I have siding on my townhouse.

Chiko Lai says:

Hi looking for a outdoor camera that also functions as a outdoor light. I was thinking Ring floodlight cam but I'm renting and the installation requires lots of drilling. Any recommendations here?

lahzx10 says:

Are this cameras able to be shut off completely for privacy ? I have found out that with my ring door bell even when snoozed it still send alert.

Rashad Ujaimi says:

is the wired version also have a battery inside it in case the main power goes out ?

JH Merit says:

Does the alarm stop after motion stops? Also can I disable the alarm altogether?

Mr. Dozer. says:

I have a question. If you're watching your camera because you got a notification and you see somebody doing something funny around your car or whatever how do you take an instant snapshot / picture? I know you can go back and watch the video but it would be nice to be able to hit a button on your phone and take an instant snapshot and send it to the cops. Thanks


will this cam work in doors i dont like the athere cam ?

Jim Ballard says:

I found out by accident that when u go to “live” the devices will continue to record past 30 seconds or 60. The wired cut off at 10 minutes. The battery model I ran for 5 minutes. The wired is much better than the battery model because the recording isnt stopped but keeps recording as long as there is motion. Wish I hadn’t bought the battery version.

Michael Alexander says:

I love your videos and your accent and the I suspect you’re reading from a screen as to what you’re going to say?
Regardless though, your videos are helpful and informative so thank you for that 😀

Meri See says:

Salamat Kuya do you have monthly fees for this camera?
I have ADT I have to call them that my house was broken. Great yeah? The owner is the one informing ADT. I'll try this Ring. I'm not good at this installation job but maybe I'll try.

sardomnumspa says:

How high do you have your cameras they suggest 9 feet, I feel that is too close to the ground?

JP says:

I am having issues with ring. If I am home and get a notification it takes forever to open and half the time the app closes.

Razor Cool says:

Your videos are so entertaining 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍😃

My Reviews says:

I would not buy this product again. The wired camera is intermittent, poor quality and buggy. I have a good internet connection and would on reflection, buy a better wired system that does not need a subscription.

John Kelly Duran Abalde, CLSSYB says:

I have a spotlight cam battery for sale only $250 with chime pro brand new from ring comment your email so that I can sell it to you

Paul Jackson says:

I am looking to get one of these for the side of my house but already have a security light installed near to where I will fit the camera. The existing light is really bright, would you recommend still getting this camera or the stick up cam instead?

proverbs2life says:

I LOVE guavas!

Murder Us says:

I bought 2 ring spotlight battery cameras. I am so dissappointed the battery in them onky lasts approx 4 days.. i dont know what kind of place would last 6 months? Maybe a deserted island???

cwills75 says:

I've seen some Amazon review comments from people who bought the solar panel saying the detection time is quicker with it installed, closer to the wired version. Any confirmation on this?

Gent Gaming says:

I had many of the choppy problems with my Ring Doorbell Pro. I moved around my wireless access point and updated the firmware there and it has fixed my issues.

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