Ring Security Camera Install + Review

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Remember the other week when Paul got on me for not installing the Ring security cameras quick enough? Well today I am showing you how to install three different cameras to upgrade the security around your home. These vary from hard wired to a simple plug in. Did I mention I installed, filmed and tested all three types of cameras in less than an hour? It’s that easy! Stay rad xx.

Get your own Ring Security: https://www.homedepot.com/b/Electrical-Home-Security-Video-Surveillance/Ring/N-5yc1vZc1tgZezq

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Mario Brooks says:

Can we be friends

Mario Brooks says:

I really like you😊

Dboy D says:

How long does that battery last on one charge?

Astro Mars says:

Can you marry me for just 2 hours so that you have enough time to install my Ring floodlight cam? There are millions of men who are completely challenged when it come to DYI! Just like me!

Tori Garza says:

Great video. Since you installed two different cameras, which do you find to be best? I’m debating between the two and/or getting both styles then deciding which would be best placed at the front of house and backyard area.

Anthony Ferrara says:

You need to add a dark brown color. I’d like to match my trim color.

Andrew Gonzalez says:

Great review & your very pretty & a hard worker

Rich Henderson says:

So she has it to babysit her husband. 🤔 I’m out!

Adam T says:

we arent judging your outfit…its sexy lol

AngelTheFiend says:

You did a great job on this video was looking to purchase some cameras for my business, I think Ima go with the battery pack ones or the plug one for my home, thx

Melena Diosa says:

Finally a video with a purpose and good info

Luke Pullinger says:

By any chance do you know the area the food light covers (perferal vision )

jon barker says:

What would you charge to install 15 cameras in the Houston Texas area?

m dean says:

We have several ring cameras as well as security systems, i was using them in rental properties. The cameras work well most of the time, but they are not always dependable and you can no longer zoom in on the recorded events. I am in the process of returning all ring devices primarily because of the poor customer support.

Marty Dixon says:

thank you – do you need to buy a Ring 'Bridge' to make them work?

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