Ring Indoor Cam Review – Unboxing, Features, Settings, Setup, Sample Footage

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Today, we are going to check Ring’s cheapest security camera yet… the Ring indoor cam. We will do the unboxing, check out the features and settings, set it up and we will test the video and audio quality day and night. We will see if this tiny camera from Ring can compete with other cheaper WiFi security cameras in the market.

Rapid Ring App – Access Your Ring Cameras Faster – https://youtu.be/IFLC8EpDkeo

Security camera through window setup – https://youtu.be/s1UDgI3M9Vo

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Shop Ring @ Amazon – https://amzn.to/2oEkrbJ

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Andrew Salinas says:

I like the ring doorbell and alarm but I would rather buy 5 Wyze cams for the price of one ring indoor camera

MetalsForBrunch says:

Alex ahhhh vs your alex ayyyyeee 😂

Rockaland2 says:

for 50 bucks you can get reolink E1 PRO 4MP PTZ indoor camera.. just saying

DeeJay ReGg says:

I'm leaning towards the Ring cam since the sound quality at the end sounded better than Wyze. Hopefully the black version is coming soon. Love your reviews!!!

Chase Kelly says:

Looks the same as the stick up cam from ring do not see any different

Mo Cobb says:

I've had the opportunity to beta test this camera for about a month. I was surprised on how small it was, easily concealable. I put black electrical tape over the blue light to not bring attention to it. Knowone saw the camera until I told them where it was placed. The picture and video quality are good. 2 complaints are the short cord and the loud clicking it makes when switching from day time to night mode. I have this camera placed on my fireplace mantle where it can see my front door and kitchen door to the garage. Both doors currently have stickup cameras covering them but this little camera gives me wider coverage.

I'm concerned with privacy and only have cameras covering entry points. I wish Ring would allow for you to set a time when you want the cameras to record and not.

Scott Osborn says:

Kids are annoyed that dad can see everything they are doing in the living room.

Peculiar Pariah says:

What's the FPS?

Rod Robinson says:

Great video as always. Still on the fence between Wyze and Ring. Looking forward to the comparison.


quality 6/10 for 1080p, also night vision quality 4.5/10. meh nothing exciting but decent price.

NewJerzFinest says:

Hey I am also thinking of getting this until I watched a Ring UK commercial that shows another Ring cam like this that can be used with the battery/ with the solar & even plugged which is what I would prefer so why is this cam only in the UK and not available on release as this wired camera???

Hafi F says:

Amazon Alex-a lol

Galvezton, LIsland, NY says:

Hey bud, excellent reviews!, are you thinking to review the Eufy floodlight camera anytime soon?, i'm very interested on it but that 4gb of internal storage….

Josh Basco says:

I’ve been having some WiFi issues with this camera. Amazon is sending me a replacement. Any WiFi issues with yours?

Wilbert Reyes says:

I was wating for you reviwa for this camera hahaha why take you so long ?

Warren Coakley says:

The sound quality seems poor

Ōin Taylor says:

Ghost Adventures @ 7:47 😁

Derek Bolden says:

Uggh this makes my stickup cam worthless indoors…

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