Ring Floodlight Cam unbox and install on an old house

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I already purchased the Ring Video Doorbell Pro. I made a video of the unboxing and installation:

I also caught FedEx throwing my package:

I ended up getting the Ring Floodlight Cam as well, in this video I do an unboxing and an install. I like it a lot, there are some issues with the Live View, just like on the Doorbell, but overall I’m glad that I have it.

Ring Floodlight Camera

I also got the something from Amazon to lock the light switch in one position, I also show that in the video: “E-Lock – Light Switch Guard for Locking Switches “ON” or “OFF” – Ivory”

Ring Video Doorbell Pro

3 PCS Adjustable Ring Doorbell Pro Angle Mount, Kimilar Video Doorbell Corner Kit Angle Adjustment Adapter Mounting Plate Bracket Wedge Kit for Ring Doorbell Pro

Ring Chime Pro

Filmed on my LG V20 being held by a Vastar Mobile Phone Mount:
mounted on an AmazonBasics 50-Inch Lightweight Tripod with Bag

My official website:

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Mustang 4.0 Pride says:

Your WiFi is not Strong enough to reach your Back Yard connect to your Ring Pro to extend it to flood lights in back yard.


How's it working? Did you silicone around it ? Thanks

MAniacgamer 23 says:

Can you keep the light on at all time if i want ?

ali mete Erdogan says:

I have been installing ring security light with camera and it works perfectly>>>t.co/VXnnmsWVfk I like this product. Don’t waist your time buying expensive cameras. Get ring systems.

Alexis Lantab says:

You need a faster internet or the chime pro to boost your signal

Mark H says:

FYI: Here's a quick overview of the Maximus app features and benefits compare to Rings..


Mark H says:

Thats way to much money to spend to have thoses kind of issue with Ring on liveview, thats one of the main reasons to have any security camera. Here's another option for a floodlight cam that won't have those issue's and has FULL color nightvision with 155 degree field of view and pre recorded messages as well as 2way audio and can connect to both 2.4ghz and 5ghz wifi ,its a Maximus Kuna 1080p floodlight cam and I have 2 of them installed at my house..check out the video footage of day and nighttime..the app with the Maximus is also better when it comes to previewing when motion is detected and push notifications. Tell me what you think: you'll notice NO video lag or audio choppiness..

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