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The Ring Floodlight Cam delivers a good picture and has bright 1800 lumen LED lights. Take a look at how it performed in our test. Ring Floodlight Cam : https://amzn.to/2Hv72Z9


Ronny says:

Hey that orange extension cable had 3 colored wires black white and green. Where does the green go too

Space Cowboy says:

I like my ring however they falsely advertise showing that it opens instantaneously. it does not once the motion detector activates then it takes up to 15-45 seconds to activate the video to view. after its recorded it does not take that long to activate and open. the latest ad i saw today shows a person coming out of the bushies only to see the woman tell him stop and push the alarm, it doesn't work that fast or even close. . however it does work like it shows it's just that is so slow and not instantaneous like the ads show.

Matt Knudsen says:

Hi…where did you get the junction box from and whats the box size needed for the camera to mount properly? Any info greatly appreciated 👍

Cam Mac says:

Why show video of all the examples you talked about but not the night vision/floodlight video?? Is it because it’s night vision and flood lighting is that bad you only wanted to show the positives?

9ltin66 says:

Now , the ring video NO va a funcionar si no hay un pago mensual y esto no es mencionado on ninguno de los YouTube video review

9ltin66 says:

The most you all got to remember is in order to this function well you need to pay a surprise subscription to the ring or and if not a course your vidio will NOT work , let me repeat that so you think was a typo your video will NOT work because you need to pay a small amount of subscribe and neither of the YouTube video will tell you

Dave Furno says:

You lost me at subscription…. you pay for a unit, why can you not simply connect it to your home network and record to your computer's hard drive. Useless cash grab.

Imran Khalid says:

Can this camera work with 220V and can we mount this on concrete wall?

Emmanuel Estrasa says:

Can you use a power outlet and connect it to the wall to power the flood light camera ? Anybody know ?

Annie Johnson says:

Thanks information very helpful

Bilal Iqbal says:

Concern is that when the kids play out in the summer months am I going yo get a notification everytime they enter the zone I have set up? Or can we auto set it between certain hours to enable the zone? Don't really fancy having to enable and disable everytime I leave the house?.. Surely there must be a work around for this?

Rudy Straight says:

is it worth it, yall?

David Daboin says:

Can you set up the light to be on from dusk to dawn like a regular floodlight? Or a least is there a schedule timer to turn the lights on/off automatically?

Deb McC says:

That's so good to tell the robbers they won't be seen if they stay out of the 140 degree range

Mark Levenson says:

Are there any other sucurity cameras that have the feature of being able to 2 way talk? Thank you.

Malcolm Frazier says:

show the night view with flood and shut your mouth

atem 941 says:

What a ripoff.I will for something more professional.

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