Ring 2 Video Doorbell – Unboxing & Installation – Amazing Home Gadget!

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-See, hear and speak to anyone at your door from your phone, tablet or PC
-Get instant alerts when visitors press your doorbell or trigger ring’s built-in motion sensors
-Watch over your home in brilliant 1080Hd video
-Easily charge your doorbell with the quick-release rechargeable battery pack
-Compatible with iOS, Android, MAC and windows 10 devices


Alvertos B.P. says:

But….I thought the Ring gets linked to your in home wifi? Your video makes it appear that the Ring links to your phone, and nothing else. Is it linked to the Wi-Fi?
Good video other wise!

Maribel Navarro says:

Two questions :
Can more than one person have access on their phone? Like a family of 4?
And second question: what height is recommended to get the best view?

Shasha 11 says:

Where’s the installation?

Saravanan Sivabal says:

Can you please let me know how the motion detection is working?

John L says:

The drill bit is indeed made for concrete

Mobile Hai says:

For real-time crime and safety alerts in your area, download the Neighbors app. Here's the link: https://download.ring.com/lgdnsEczKS

David S. says:

Thanks for the tips.

Kesh Kumar says:

I'm gona buy this soon was a bit worried about what it does but now I know what it does. Thanks for the great video

James Bond says:

Works better with a 16 volt 30 va transformer………………………


So, is the video doorbell going to take videos of basically nothing as the wind gently sways all the branches in the trees around your house, creating shadows that the Ring thinks is a human? Or think a car driving down the street only 25 feet away is also a human? I can just imagine how many times a bug will fly in front of the doorbell as well. Unless it doesn't make mistakes, my battery would be dead inside of a week.

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