Ricoh Theta Z1 vs Insta360 One X: Ultimate Comparison

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Wondering what the difference is between the Insta360 One X and the new Ricoh Theta Z1 camera? In this video I compare photos and video shot with both cameras side by side so you can see the difference.

►Theta Z1 Available Here:
►Insta360 One X Available Here (includes free invisible selfie stick):
►Z1 Review:
►One X Review:

In both cases I shot 360 images using DNG RAW mode and colour corrected them to the best of my ability. Video was shot using the highest resolution options in both cameras. The Theta Z1 and One X are very different cameras designed for different uses but a lot of people seem to be interested to know how they compare, so here’s your answer!


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mediamannaman says:

Thanks for this post and showing the two cameras head-to-head.
I paused at 3:32 to compare and in the Insta360 One X picture your blue jeans look a bit pixelated, making me wonder if, or how much, editing you did to the image.

Carl Bishop says:

sound is bit crap

george karamolegos says:

Very informative video. I desperatelly want a 360 camera as i live in one of the most picturesque places ,the island of santorini. Does anyone here have a used one that would offer it to me at a good price ?
Or any suggestions on where to go to get my first 360 cam ?
Thanks to all and happy shooting

Lorena Gianoni says:

I'm not going to pay 1k for any camera… I'd rather spend it on bikes, so Insta360 OneX is the best choice for me. In fact I bought it and I'm super happy with it. Thanks!

BUROPTIMISTE Renaud Savignard says:

Hi, thanks for this review, which software do you use for editing the photos and convert them into a video ?

F3iAKeT5 says:


Tom Hardwick says:

I think you mean 1'' sensors rather than 1'' lenses that you keep referring to. 1'' lenses are 50mm focal length, a bit tele for such tiny chips.

Nexus Seven says:

So it fell over and now the lens is scratched to the shithouse? Not very toigh if that happens at knee high. Puts me off coz i am clumsy, dropped a nikon 24-70 from chest height and it bounced across a room and was perfect… now if only nikon made good tough 360 cameras.

Balbisiana A says:

I feel the Z1 has this. It seems keep the Z1 tripod still. And you’ll see some very clear pics. The One seems like a fun cam to carry about. Excellent video and thanks for doing it

Aaron Robinson says:

Hey buddy got a few quick questions…. how do I get the best picture quality out of the Insta360 one x… I’m finding once I’ve taken and edited slightly it’s not looking that great.. should I use raw or HDR? also I use kuula to show case and wonder if that’s maybe the wrong platform? What do you use?

LEXPIX says:

Both are great cameras, but the price difference sets them apart.

Alvaro Puentes says:

Great review, thanks for doing this, very helpful.

Kołcz Majk says:

Thank you Daniel, it was worth watching as always!

רועי אנגל says:

If I want to take 360 pictures inside the house to have the best quality <?>

George Kenner says:

How did you edit this…. could you not remove the fish eye…

brazhnikov says:

Don’t need 360, 180, 180vr. Just need 3d sbs 16×9 1080p at about 35mm. Why nobody released this device? Just weeview sid (but not 16×9), but it has terrible video quality.

Nikhil Sood says:

Did I hear 1 inch lenses ?

driss labyad says:

Nice review… i want to buy my first 360 camera wich one u advise me

palakorn poonbampen says:

Thank you for the great review.

Andri Wirawan says:

Z1…more contrast and vibrant, less fringing…

Greg Timo says:

The Insta360 One X is still a very good deal for its price. Now I have Mi Sphere, but hope that very soon can buy One X)))

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