Ricoh GR III – The Best Camera You Should Have With You

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The update to one of my personal fave cameras – the Ricoh GR II – but will I cop it?

Ricoh GR III:

Filmed With
Nikon Z6:
Nikon 24-70mm f/2.8 S:

Blue Wednesday – Sea of Time
Blue Wednesday – Soul Food
Joakim Karud – Canals
Birocratic – Tony’s Belated Breakfast

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jio T says:

first time watching your video, and lemme tell you this. I did not expect your accent to be like this. imagine closing your eyes and opening it and seeing an asian guy with british accent lol

John Drummond says:

A pram pratfall at 6:19 and a video bomb at 7:00. Those alone made this video be worth it.

Melinda says:

is it worth to buy gr 2 now?

Daniel JohnFord says:

This man looks like the guy on DigitalRev

Ariel Glaze says:

I kind of wish DxO had not given up on the DxO One idea. I kind of like the concept.

ursus the pipe smoker says:

We're you brought up in Ipswich by any chance

Vertebrae 33 says:

my life got better after i quit deciding what camera i should buy…
or did it get better after i stopped watching reviews of cameras that i was trying to decide on buying ?
i think im gonna buy a high tech Dremel and carve my images.

LEO says:

Hi I'm looking for a good compact that is good for street, landscape/cityscape day an night that I can make large prints from for sales purpose that I can by on a shoe string budget. Any ideas?

John Condor says:

4:34 "Quieter than a cat's fart" ;-D

Owl Polar says:

Kai, did you buy a new GR III, or did you get yourself a new GR II because it's cheaper, has better battery life, and your hands are not shaking much yet, so you don't really need IS? 🙂

Deontay White says:

Do you edit these photos or these are the original photos being taken?

A C says:

I've never come across Kai before, very enjoyable and just what I wanted to hear as I'm about to buy one!

Hanabi chan says:

hello! I am looking for a good camera for my US trip and i was stoned on how this camera takes really good photos. For someone who has not owned a camera, is this a good pick up?

Anuj Bajracharya says:

Why would you buy this when you can get a sony a6000 for $500?

Jang Won Cho says:

I would like to know your opinion about RICOH GR 3 vs SONY RX100 M6. I have SONY A5100 (with bundle lens)and RX100 M6. Frankly speaking, I am disappointed with RX100. Especially under low light situation, I have better result from A5100 than RX100 M6. RX100 is supposed to be better than A5100, isn't it? The biggest difference between A5100 and RX100 is the size of sensor. I wondering about RICOH GR series, because it has APSC sensor like A5100.

jaspal singh says:

How does image quality compare to Leica q2 side by side

Daniel Jones says:

I see your watch game! 😉

Allen Freeman says:

You never use camera straps! Is that how the older one got dropped? Lesson learned?

Allen Freeman says:

Its a brick, but hey look how slim it is!

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