Ricoh GR III Review: King of Street Photography Cameras?

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The Ricoh GR III is finally available and I was able to get a hands on test for about the past month. Thanks to BHPhoto for sending this out to review, they did provide this to test but did not pay or sponsor this video in any way. I believe the GR III reclaimed the title as the king of street photography cameras as it has almost everything the GR II had but improved on much more! With a newer body layout, touch screen, 24 megapixel sensor and more, its definitely worth an upgrade alone from the GR II in regards to autofocus.
Check out the Ricoh GR III Here:
Wide Angle Combo:

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Eric Rossi says:

The GR III is finally a real camera! is it a worthy upgrade from the GR II? Let me know down below.
Check out the Ricoh GR III Here:
Wide Angle Combo:

Revelry says:

Great in depth review, considering getting it… Thanks!

Howard says:

Nice review. Is it normal for the GR3 to feel like something's loose on the inside when you shake it? Also have you ever had problems when you press "on" but the camera doesn't start automatically? Lastly, any overheating problems where the camera shuts off by itself?

Duncan Thorn says:

Eric, try using it in snap focus mode. That is what this camera is used and bought for, by serious street photographers, and for that it can't be beat. But, I will seriously have to look into battery life and overheating, before I give up my GRii.

nero maxximus says:

I got mine yesterday. I had the GR and the film GR1v in the past. I can't believe that this version battery lasts for 1.5h and it heats like an oven. It's not acceptable. Autofocus in darker set is almost non-existent. I wanted to love it as I love the form and the quick start but on this occasion I will have to return it as the battery and heating issue is no go for me.

Clay Adams says:

At 6:55 you state the battery life is 320 shots- that was the spec on GR II. GR III is rated for 200 shots. So despite this huge stated difference from Ricoh you found them to be about the same?

Peter Ford says:

For me I really want to love this camera but the price is where I disagree with you,the 1" sensor has some great alternatives that are as good if not better with in this price or a lot better for not alot more,and then there's the negatives you point out the back screen while it's a little bit better it's still behind similar cameras,from the specs online I just think it overpriced compared to what's on the market,it's not as good as a Fuji and it doesn't have the beautiful looks of Olympus pen camera and cannot compete against dare I say it Sony for speed,and yes I was hoping for a little more to replace my little Fuji …..but I am baffled where this camera fits in the market

Steven Newman says:

GAS attacked with GR2 D7200 D7500 D750 F100 and a6300 ( plus a load of lenses cheap to expensive) so not gonna go for a GR3 esp considering mixed reviews and real features. For GR 3 amount at intro price I want a DX 17-55 2.8 and AF S 20 1.8 G . Mabe a used 17-55 at B&H this season. Majority of all my stuff is used and refurb. thanks

John Colquhoun says:

Now looks like a toy.

mr. one says:

I hate it because i don't have it.

ryanzd522 says:

Ricoh issued recalls for the wobbly dial, but seems only in Korea and Japan.

Noealz Photo says:

I LOVE the Ricoh line, unfortunately I got me an Xpro2 before the GR3 came out 🙁

Andrew H. Kim says:

A camera so small, you have to hold it w/ 2 hands 😅

Ron Scibilia says:

I see they moved the exposure compensation buttons, which I have tended to hit inadvertently.

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