Ricoh GR III Review | Best Pocket Camera Ever? – Kinotika Hosted By Dave Maze

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The Ricoh GR III has really surprised me. The camera can perform really well in a lot of circumstances…and it ACTUALLY can fit in a pocket. I really loved using this camera for this review and want to own one now!

If you are interested in buying the GRIII we have provided an affiliate link below. We would greatly appreciate the support by clicking on that link when you buy it! Thanks!
Ricoh GR III

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Kinotika [Dave Maze] says:

If you are interested in buying the GRIII we have provided an affiliate link below. We would greatly appreciate the support by clicking on that link when you buy it! Thanks!
Ricoh GR III

Salwan J. Binni says:

It is a great camera for a stealthy street photographer But without an EVF and with the dust-collecting retractable lens, the omission of the built-in flash and a fixed non-tilting screen the camera is certainly over-priced.

b blair says:

super riker

William Knight says:

would definitely pronounce it correctly if I made a video on it.

Tyler Lemery says:

Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeco! 😁

Dan The Man says:

Rye koo? WTH ! 🤓

Chris Payne says:

A camera that looks like your mom should be using it? My mom shoots with a second gen iPad. Maybe the camera I WISH she shot with.

Eirik says:

feel like im losing my mind everytime you say rykoh.

Ronald says:

What's the best setting with snap focus? AV or Program?

Macintosh Works says:

I’d love to see you do a comparison video with Foogee X100F.

Michael Ochoa II says:

Very bad advertisement. Terrible review 1/5 stars

Alvin Patrick Go says:

Stop. Saying. RYKOH.

andrewle8adfa says:

RAIKO I can't watch this review, and mom camera c'mon.

kkhechog says:

You did get to the point at the end – it’s for anyone wanting pro quality pics in their pocket. What your vid didn’t bring together was how there’s a cumulative effect from lots of small decisions they’ve made that make this camera both very practical, versatile, and a joy to use even at this size. Of course the full appreciation of that is relative to a certain niche, but if you’re in that niche, this camera is a delight.

kkhechog says:

It’s a shame the focus sucked when it first came out, all the reviews rightly knock it for this. I can say that with firmware 1.2 it’s very different. It’s as good as my Fuji X-T20 easily.

Ed Collins says:

REE COH sheesh

M JP says:

The Raiko GR iii is great

RAWKUS tv says:

Also is it possible to screw on a polariser on the GR iii?

RAWKUS tv says:

Great little camera but I love how crispy your video images look. Love the grade 👌

Bennos says:

does it have the horizon level line on the screen if you want?

Max Huertas says:

You’re pronouncing it wrong fella.

Robert Brody says:

Folks, for gods sake, this emperor has no clothes. Ricoh was clearly undermined by a small budget for the GR update. This has to be the saddest update in camera history. They literally updated the sensor and did almost nothing else. After 5 years Ricoh ignored their user fanbase and didn't give them one thing they asked for. The sensor was a given. But hopes for a faster lens, viewfinder and modern AF capabilities were not to be. Still worse, the poor thing only shoots 4 FPS with a buffer depth of 9 shots. That means even street shooters will hit limits for sequences. And the AF, even after the firmware update, is pretty bad. I fear the GRIII is the death of the GR line. I ended up taking a chance with the Sony RX100 VI. At normal ISO's the Sony has better color and is actually able to focus nearly 100% of the time. The larger GRIII sensor has advantages as ISO's climb, but it's not like the Sony does a bad job. For street shooting the Sony even better because you have a Zeiss less that can work at 2.8 at 24mm all the way to 200mm at 4.5. You get nicer bokeh and a shocking 24 FPS with a buffer depth of 109 RAW shots. Perhaps the biggest advantage is the Sony EVF, which enables you to shoot in bright light and see your shots in real time with the settings. This means I can shoot my RX100 VI just like my DSLRs and more. With the GRIII I couldn't see anything on a bright day, which means "crop to compose" quite often. No thanks. Ricoh should have modernized the GRIII, added a viewfinder and got the AF right. Oh well. The GR was once a niche camera that made some sense. But this is now 2019 and it's pretty tough to love the GRIII after using something like the Sony RX100 VA. My main camera system is built around my Nikon D850 and the RX100 actually handles color with that same kind of accuracy (also like the newer A7III or A7rIII). The Ricoh colors are poor by comparison.

micheal bolton says:

he is american
of course he didn't know about HuaWei P30

ALL camera makers are going green with envy what phone cameras can do.

AcidicDelusion says:

You say potato, I say bukakke.

Sangman Lee says:

First guy mentioning "bokeh" when reviewing Ricoh GRIII and so many times ^^

Dzevad Bajraktarevic says:

Dude its Ricoh (reeco) not ruyko or rayko; thats like when people mispronounce nikon and say nuykon instead of neekon; remember that letter i is usually pronounced as what you see/say in words such as kid, hit, fit, in, etc..especially in most languages it is pronounced as such; even in english it is pronounced in many words as such (it would be easier if it was written inglish but that is a fault of english language which burrowed heavily from french and other languages making a weird soup)

davephoto bali says:


Chris Lae says:

You lost me at the mispronunciation of the camera….and when you said ultimate mom cam.

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