Ricoh GR II Review – Best Compact Travel Camera?

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My thoughts on the GR II and how it compares to the GR III. It is a great feeling to have a super slim, lightweight, large sensor (APS-C) camera in your jeans pocket – and this is probably the best value for money you can find right now in this segment.

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Or have a look at the GR III (latest version):

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philippe moktar says:

well presented review, thanks

Daniel says:

Cool video thanks for sharing. The camera was never really on my list until yesterday I was looking for the X100f but always hesitated because of the cost (even used ones). And since I am riding the bike I often thought how great would it be to have a very good camera with me with decent image quality. So I think I will get the GR II now for half the cost of the X00f…

Onil Marte Navarroza says:

Sony a5100 with pancake lens is also very small.

Srulio says:

Umm… This is a lustworthy gadget! But a detachable EVF instead of that dinky flash would be a sensible update.

Levi Simpson says:

Just got my GR II a month ago. I LOVE shooting with this little guy. By far my favorite camera I've owned. I even love the challenge of shooting with something I know I can't just change it's lens. I have to use what I have and get creative. Limitations are really an interesting thing for an artist.

Migo-Migo says:

Great review! I have a Fuji x70 right now and I'm thinking about ditching it for a Ricoh great 2. The size of the x70 and the shooting user experience feels lacking to me. After 3 years of use I'm finding some quirks I dislike. Hopefully I'll like the GR 2 better.

Steven Li says:

I have just got a new GR II for about half the new GR III price, the upgrade GR III is great, but the price right now is too high.

Kez says:

No one uses compact cameras anymore lol

John Taylor says:

The only downside is that the Ricoh is not as versatile as the Fuji and Panasonic because of the fixed lens. Travel cameras for me have to have the ability to to shoot long, medium and wide shots. The Ricoh is however a great camera to have on you for a grab shot whilst out and about, but not the only camera to carry with me whilst travelling. I think something like the Pentax Q is a far better option with its options for longer reach lenses, or the Panasonic LX or TZ range of zoom compacts for their compact nature and fully functioned specs ….. or the lovely Pentax MX-1.

5 Minutos De Fotografia says:

I just go the fist GR, same image quality but no wifi great to go walking

monka S says:

and then you get dust on your sensor so you buy a gr iii 🙂

Maurice Anderson says:

Love the review. I'm now convinced I made the right choice as I just purchased a GR II after much pondering but decided to get one for my upcoming trip. Unit is due today and have been watching a few videos on the camera. Thanks to you with the most current review on the Ricoh GR II camera I'm even more excited now for it to arrive.

Nick Randall-Smith says:

The GRii is excellent and the GRiii is just a bit more extra excellent but at a cost. If you can afford a GRiii then go for it but honestly the GRii is just as good 90% of the time. 🙂

Vikdaddy says:

You forgot about the Fuji XF10. Even smaller with an APS-C sensor. Not a great camera though.

Juan Carlos Lopez says:

I just got this camera and I love it! I love to use it for street photography, and in Black and White (but in color too). I have heard that for street photgraphy, it is better to shoot full aperture 2.8. What is your opinion? Thank you for your video!

Alexander Seufert says:

great review. 👍did u enhance a lot or are the pics right out of the camera?

Noealz Photo says:

As long as it fits in my pocket, I am good – I am glad you feel the same way regarding the compactness. I have the Fujixpro 2 but with it lens it really pops out and doesn't fit in my jeans :/

Hagen Trondheim says:

No tilting screen and no EVF, won‘t work for me

Matt Mitchell says:

I WISH they made a Ricoh GR with a high mega pixel count and maybe a slightly smaller body.
It would be perfect, actually they could ditch the flash too.

Matt Biggin says:

You must have read my mind. I’ve been looking for a high quality compact to take out running and have been considering the GR II. The GR II is too expensive to risk out on a run but the GR II would be ok.
Thanks for the video, really helpful

Abdulla Almuhairi says:

Ricoh released the new GR III just few days ago, a new sensor, no flash, the same size … this design is old, from the days of film and they kept it and i admire that.

Noah Peeters says:

First like😎

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