Ricoh GR Digital IV Camera: Product Reviews: Adorama Photography TV

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Adorama Photography TV presents the Ricoh GR Digital IV. This week Mark reviews the latest compact point and shoot 10mp digital camera from Ricoh, the GR Digital IV. Watch as Mark walks you through the main features and advantages of this versatile camera from Ricoh.

The Ricoh GR Digital IV Camera is available here:

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Dionysus6969 says:

Can either set function button to 35 or 28, and there's also an actual zoom function in the menus you can assign.

Dionysus6969 says:

Mine zooms in & out. Er,???? Strange~~

sen says:

f*cking hell man
your voice is f*cked up!!

Patrick O'Leary says:

I owned and used the Ricoh GR IV film version for years and absolutely loved it. My favorite compact camera of all time.

jasonsong86 says:

I have a GX100. pretty much identical camera with zoom

dandylionphotography says:

@Snakekilla12 the funny thing is the other camera shop in the shopping centre sells it for $499

dandylionphotography says:

@Snakekilla12 dont complain, my local camera shop is trying to sell the gr d III for $899 AUD

Elaniago says:

This camera was made particularly for street photography. So if you are into that and don't want to carry around a dslr, this is for you.

eeskaatt says:

@toymachinek thank you very much!
I agree with you. the fuji x10 has more feature than the ricohgrd4.
I am already saving up for it. 🙂

toymachinek says:

@eeskaatt i had to choose between these two also..i went with the x10 and i dont regret it. IMO, the x10 has more bang for your buck, with the nice retro looks, zoom, 2/3 exr sensor, HD Video and alot more gimmicks.. grd4 is only good if you want a pocketable camera that has great IQ

eeskaatt says:

should I save up for Ricoh grd iv? or the Fuji x10, instead?

Carl Abela says:

Hey Mark can you please review the Canon powershot S100 please? Thanks

MattSteez says:

pros: nice picture quality in raw. f1.9 is pretty cool. 28mm equivalent really wide. able to do long exposures with the interval composite scene mode

cons: no HD video….

Aaron Keogh says:

the only thing that keeps me from buying this camera is the price…

dukeHenry says:

Hello Sir Mark? i'm an avid fan of yours and i'm a beginner on photography. I like street photography and i like to ask what compact camera that you think is the best one for street photography?
Let's face it, it's also about the camera and not only on photographer.
I please i love street photography and i'm still scared on bring my dslr to the street. i need small camera (not iphone) that i can bring anywhere. please suggest some compact cameras better/best for street photography.

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