Ricoh CX3 Digital Camera Review

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The Ricoh CX3 Digital Camera is extremely well built, with some very well thought out features. Check out how it performs in this review.

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FortyBottlez says:

it's under $200 on now

Geekanoids says:

@harajukustar Resolution, video capability.

Geekanoids says:

@saltyrinse Thanks.

DetachedLeader says:

It looks really great but for me it's bordering on the DSLR price range, so I'd go with that.


I was hoping to see 720p video of it 🙁

Geekanoids says:

@kocsir Thanks, I appreciate that.

Maxsdiscos says:

It looks a nice camera, the controls are nicely laid out (not all crammed in), nice lens size, but the body looks a bit on the big side for a "point and shoot", although I gather this is a super zoom.

Sunbear Investments says:

Looks sweet!

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