Review:Polaroid Snap Instant Digital Camera!

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Ana De La Cruz says:

You should have showed us how to load it a little slower.

marzia akter says:

How many photo I can take at a time ?

Danielle Clay says:

I found mine at a pawn shop 😂 got it for about $35. Pretty good deal, I love it. Mine didn’t come with a lease cap tho.

grace crenshaw says:

i got the blue on for christmas last year and never knew how to use it, thank you so much!!

Ashlynn S says:

what size is the picture

Afroz Naima says:

6 picture is not enough for a vacation 😐😐😐😐

Jay legend says:

Got dis shit 4 free lol

Kiyara Gray says:

Is there a way to turn the flash off. Got mine today. But Im not crazy about the flash

fabian salcido.10 says:

This video is so helpful I just got one right now and now I know what to do with the buckets and all

Buttrcup Chan says:

I got one for Christmas today so I have it 😀

Elijah Wilkerson says:

Thanks it really helped

Why park jimin when You can ride jimin says:

Does it have Bluetooth?

Shody Larkins says:

Thank you so much for the review!

Yolie W says:

Do u have to put in the color calibration sheet everyone first when u take the picture or just the first time to scan?

SnappedLogic says:


JUSEK says:

wow I liked that camera!! I will buy, subscribe us for travel vlogs.

F Is For Fallen says:

It's sad because it doesn't have the cute frame

vtrmcs says:

When you spend hours planning and filming a video and immediately get upstaged by a lolsquirrel

BabyGirl Forever says:

Wonderful video, clearly shows the camera and a demonstration, just what I needed, thanks!

AGoodBadBoy says:

I think this camera is trash 😁

don’t touch my spaget. says:

how do i get the flash thing to stay up? asking for a friend, here.

Frankie Is A Fluffball says:

Oh! I got one for my birthday this past week! Thanks for the video C: It's charging right meow, but I'm gonna take pictures of my cats once it's ready!

click clack bada bing bada boom says:

not related about the camera but i love how you speak lol

Nelmy Esparza says:

Thx this was very helpful

Shonscnbz says:

Eventually I will lose that lens cap.

katherine ramirez says:

How does the SD card thing work?

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