Reviewing the 2005 Sony DSC-P200 in 2017 | Old Cameras, New Tricks:

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Today we take a look at the Sony DSC-P200, a compact Sony digital point and shoot from 2005, and see how it holds up in 2017.

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MoJO says:

subbed great vid

Diego Deras says:

Great idea for a series! Hope to see more of these.

Guana Pro says:

Hello! I should to say – it's make photo quality much better than any smartphones! even with 7.2 mega pixels on board and even in 2018. it's something like MP3 file (any smartphone) versus CD AUDIO (P200). P200 much deeper! no pixels etc.
Because DSC-P200 it's a photo camera!

RikMcCloud says:

Recently found my P200. It was the camera that really got me into photo and videography. My friends and I had a couple of P200s as well as a P150 and we would make videos using Windows Movie Maker, putting music tracks to them which would make them impossible to upload to YouTube today. I now have a Canon EOS 800D/Rebel T7i which I love dearly but I can't describe how happy I was when I unearthed this little point and shoot and discovered it still worked, bar the flash. I will have to take it out again and see what I can capture with it as a bit of fun. 🙂

Marie Young says:

I’ve had this camera from new and I still don’t really know how to use the manual settings!

Joaquim Gonsalves says:

Really loved this video. I still have this classic with me. 🙂 Do you mind if I use some of the footage in this video for a mention in my next video? Needless to say I'd be taggin you channel too. Do let me know as the video is for a good cause. 🙂

Izabela Marques says:

Amei o vídeo, pena que não tem legenda em português- brasil. Tenho a cybershot t70 guardada aqui e estava querendo aprender a mexer, obrigada seu vídeo me ajudou bastante.

TDL Play's says:

The level of production in this video is impressive, fantastic work. These old little cameras are interesting in the sense that they are a limitation to the photographer used to the modern digital cameras, in a similar fashion to what film does, but with the convenience of no developing.

Water Bottle says:

Wow this is really well put together for a video with 60 views and 19 subs, you deserve way more. Earned my sub.

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