Review – The Cheapest Leica You Can Buy! – Leica X1

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I often get asked about cheap cameras and also about cheap Leicas.
Because wether you like it or not they produce a special look and colors that many find desirable.
The X1 is the cheapest purebred Leica I know of.

Video recorded with:
Fuji X-Pro2,

35mm f1.4,
Manfrotto Befree,


Music: ”Clocks Set”, Silent Partner


Kristīne Pētersone says:

This is brilliant, dude! I am so tempted at the moment! 🙂



street vs fuji says:

hi i have an m5 and a 50mm leica lens and i want a 35mm lens how ever i saw an m8 with almost the same price of an x2. what would you recommend to buy the x2 or the m8? if i get the m8 i would need to save for a 35mm. is the image quality of the x2 on par with the m8?

Echo says:

top middle was the leica is my guess for the "test"

Dhandy Gusvirandy says:

awesome positive review as always… planing to buy my first leica, x2 or dlux 109? which one do you suggest for leica color characteristic…

rvsam4u says:

Mattias, you could take great photos with a cardboard box and a piece of old film. I love your photos! Bravo!

Douglas says:

I have the Leica X and D750 and I can honestly say that my best photos have been taken with the Leica X camera. Something about the rendering that is really very nice.

ScrewtheboxTV says:

Would you recommend this now in 2018?

Tim Chege says:

Great succinct video. Do the Leicas render the "Leica look" colours in raw or jpeg, or both? Thanks

özge güzel says:

Do you use a tripod with your cameras?

LifeOfRiley says:

Hey Mattias! Was wondering if you had any experience with the X2 and was curious how you felt it stacked up to the X1? Does it fix some of the problems you brought up in this video? I love your perspective on photography (and your photography in general) and would like to know how it compares in your eyes.

Gary Principato says:

Nice for street shooting. Great presentation as always! 👍😊

McLaren F1 says:

this guy makes all cameras look good since hes such a good photographer

shigsho says:

Great camera but my spring loaded flash constantly pops up as whatever is holding the flash has weakened.

Sergio Derder says:

Hi, what would you think of the Leica X2 in 2018? Good to have as a cheap second hand compact Leica camera???
PS: lovely pics…….

Sleepwalker's Union says:

To be honest, IMO, I do not really see a difference in color or Image from your examples or many other comparisons online. Marginal differences that could easily be solved in post processing if you shoot RAW.

I like the compact design, but a Sony A6000 can be just as light. Not to mention price, removable lens, viewfinder, larger MP and still a crop. Not really sold on this one yet.

Either way great review!

MaraudingMaster says:

Do you think the X2 is worth the small premium over the X1?

Mad Mike says:

leica it's the best

LOOPS says:

I love how you editted this to the music

Hamz says:

Can't find this camera anywhere

iso 100 says:

hello. very usefull video. please, in the 6 photos images, what was the one in the middle , top row ? thank you


What about the Leica d-lux?

jrock8483 Rocklage says:

Better than the X that came out a few years later? Or is that another Panasonic in Leica clothing?

Izzaty Natasha says:

hi! can this camera record videos?

ashwin shukla says:

fantastic stills, some were real gems.

Mai Kamal says:

i love your accent so much i can listen to your voice all day

Vid joe says:

excellent… thank you*

Gilang Fadhli says:

this is definitely on my wishlist/saving up list . Always wanted a leica for some time but need a place to start off. thanks!

Aaron Chew says:

I Leica it!

Claresta Chew says:

This is great!

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