Review: SONY DSC-HX400V Bridge Camera

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A nice feature packed bridge camera for you prostumers!

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Arona José says:

The worst camera I never had! Too slow, too complicate, bad resultat… Don't choose it!

Mike P says:

Which bridge camera would you recommend today? I'm looking for a medium-sized one, 4K, at least 50x zoom. I've heard the new SX70 is pretty good.

kido tatsuhiko says:

I like the back ground music name of the music please

yoichi franck says:

America is a CONTINENT

yoichi franck says:

Very nice review man

mayush99999 says:

i heard like .. Manual fock us

Srinjini Bandyopadhyay says:

is it a dslr camera?

Kelly Teves says:

Great video! Thank you for sharing your experiences, sample photos, and stats. Very helpful for someone presently in the market for a new camera.

Karen fryer ne middleditch says:


Aldo Britez says:

Linda maquina, pero luego trae el error 62:10 que es del estabilizador y según leí es de fábrica y SONY no se responsabiliza.. NO ES NADA SIMPATICO.!

Andy maxi says:

Awesome pictures, awesome review man… Going to get me this camera later down in the year hopefully before Christmas….

Tonys Amtrak Train Videos says:

Where ever you're from, the frame rate its supposed to be 60FPS not 50fps

Momo says:

Which camera got greater zoom the Panasonic FZ2000 bridge camera or the Sony HX400?

Gartenruhe says:

ISO Range is 80 to 3200 (on my Hx400V Firmw.Ver.2.1)
For those who want to record in 60p ; you can switch the camera from PAL(50HZ/P) to NTSC(60HZ/P) in menue options.

Shikhar Deep Thakur says:

How to blur in cyber short hx400v

Mark Anthony Regala says:

how to pay those apps?

Karlo Osimo says:

THANK YOU for your video!
I can not find the physical measurements of the "frame", in particular I needed to know the external measurement of the lens (manual zoom diameter)
(I wanted to buy the camcorder and the cap / hood of the HOOCAP mod. TM55…)

Cool BlueZ says:

Thank you 🙂

Omar Khallouf says:

can you turn off the proximity sensor of the viewfinder ?

Oussama Hemdéne says:

I have really a good images using this camera, and never worried if the subject is distant.

Marcelo Ferreira says:

For God's sake … watch your nails and cuticles before posting videos like that. You can know a lot about photography but about hand and nail care … please …

Peter Phelan says:

iv seen other peoples hx400 being able to record at 60p, but mine is only 50p like yours. why is that?

Amjad Alibhai says:

can this camera take bler images on background shots

Shmaehdawlf Shmitler says:

I have a Rode VMGO, will I be able to use this on it? I also have a NEEWER light panel as well.

KEN U NOT? says:

7:25 Nope. Nope. Nope.

Mighty Mike Midget Murga says:

Hows the Slow motion?

Darlene Woodside says:

Bought this camera for a joint Christmas gift for hubby and myself. Just used it on a Baltic cruise with visit to many museum and sights in Russia, Scandinavia, Amsterdam. It took awesome photos. We purchased extra batteries(we now have 3) but most lasted all day. The zoom is fantastic. I researched (to death) before purchasing and I know we made the right choice.

Saim Moosa says:

Can I change aperture while recording video?

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