Review: Sony Cyber-Shot RX100 Digital Camera

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We review and have an in-depth discussion about the Sony RX100, a compact camera that’s more than your typical point-and-shoot. Its large sensor and wide aperture lens produce great photos, and its numerous shooting modes makes it easy for amateurs to use without fiddling with too many settings.


ziggy72170 says:

Hello.. I'm looking for a "GOOD" camera for "Picture Taking Only".. I am a "spontaneous" Picture taker.. So i'm looking for a Camera that i can pull out of my pocket and take a Quick Pic, in 6 Seconds .. Will this camera Focus quick enough, to Fullfill my needs ?.. Thanks

USFanlovesjiwoo says:

So basically not the right camera for vlogging.

Isabella Leal says:

I just got my mom's camera so this is a great video to understand how the camera works. Thanks!

Living Tech says:

Why I just subscribed: "If you wear cargo pants, sure this will fit in cargo pants. You should not be wearing cargo pants."

Naz Sakib says:

Hey guys, all my pictures are taken with this, my Instagram is naznxtdoor if you wanna see!

Valerii Iavtushenko says:

Totally right conclusion! Thenx for extremely good review! My respect

Brooke Bradford says:

Considering getting this to film vlogs/regular videos, is this camera good for those? I was looking up canon g7x dupes and found this!

Seema Kumar says:

Show me blur background photo n vedio both

Seema Kumar says:

Show me blur background photo n vedio both

Kenny O'Brien says:

Amazing review

Megan Halil says:

I don't know whether to buy this or the canon G7x I want to take pictures mostly but the G7x has the flip screening and is great for vlogging but I want to be able to take picture also.

alec cap says:

Whatever happened to buying a camera and taking a shot of a fast moving object that will be clear, not all blurred without having to sit a degree in science ? $650.00 for a camera that the Panasonic TZ60 had years ago sports mode, food mode, pet mode, its just a silly gimmick. I have been looking for a camera where I can zoom in take a good photo and have no distortion

ItsKillaP says:

I just purchased this camera and I'm impressed!!!

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