Review of Nikon Coolpix L110 Digital Camera

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Disclosure: I received a free sample for review.
The Nikon Coolpix L110 is a 12.1 megapixel, 15x optical zoom digital camera with 720p video mode and solid construction. It has proven to be a camera with a robust feature set… many strengths and few weaknesses. One of the weak spots is the quality of the recorded audio. Ambient noise sounds OK but if you attempt to use this camera to record voice, for product reviews for instance, the sound is thin and “scratchy.” You cannot expect an under $300 camera to excel in all areas however so some of the weaknesses just have to be accepted at this price point. Another camera from another manufacturer may have better audio but will inevitably have a weakness in another area. I guess the bottom line is that you have to match your needs and expectations with the right product. If you absolutely need excellent audio, this is not the camera for you. If you are looking for a camera with excellent Macro capabilities, the L110 is up to the task.

The L110 has a very strong zoom capability… 15x. When used in conjunction with a tripod you can get some excellent shots when fully zoomed. I’ve gotten spectacular photos of wildlife using the full zoom plus the 4x digital zoom. The high megapixel count enables you to crop photos with little degradation of quality.

A weakness of the L110 is it’s lack of true manual control of your aperture, ISO and shutter speed. This will frustrate the more professional photographer who is looking for a smaller camera capable of taking great photos, such as the L110. Since you cannot manually set your shot, you are at the mercy of the camera’s auto and/or scene modes.

HD video at 720p is remarkably good, especially considering that this is primarily a still camera.

Battery life is decent though not spectacular. Since the camera takes 4-AA batteries, it is easy enough to ensure you have an extra set or two of charged batteries with you to ensure you don’t run out of juice. I use NiMH batteries to save money and reduce waste, but I have used regular Alkaline batteries and they provide good life. You may also use Lithium batteries with the L110 and they will provide the longest life possible but of course, can’t be recharged once depleted as NiMH batteries can.

Biggest negatives for this camera are it’s relatively poor performance in low light. In low light I often end up with grainy photos and subject blur due to the slow shutter speed. I avoid using it indoors for the most part.


Shah Production says:

About flash …plz how it work

Joehdah says:

My grocery store ZTE phone has a better camera on it than that. So dissapointing

Sal Caudillo says:

I just got a galaxy note 9. Should I get this or stay with my phone?

game Ops view says:

Can I hook on a standard mic on to the camera?

Andy H says:

I bought a Nikon L110 from ebay for less than £35 including postage. No complaints at that price and It does a reasonable job.

Peter Foster says:

My issue with this thing is you only get 28 to 29 minutes count down for video. Is it possible to get it to where you can record longer?

IMr LAPS says:

Thanks. This video helped me decide whether or not to buy the camera. Ultimately i did, but i only just got it so i have a lot of getting used to it.

Codie Coulter says:

, I use a Nikon l110. Is it any better than my iPhone 5c camera?

air142009 says:

so what does L110 stand for?

Vera Hannaford says:

Thanks for the rundown on the camera.  My husband passed this on to me because he wanted a camera that had more manual control. I think I'll be happy with it.

trever pitts says:

Honestly most people get camera like this now a day for video

Ruben Plutarco Florez says:

hello what is the battery performance, thanks

cmans79tr7 says:

Very complete and accurate review. Wonderful camera, I agree, especially for the price. I would like amplify your review in that this camera does require that you MUST press the shutter half-way and then visually CONFIRM on the screen (with the green brackets or the green dot) that the autofocus has locked-on, otherwise your shots may (will) be blurry….To fight grainy (noisey) dark indoor pictures I MANUALLY set my ISO at 100 or 200, use Best Shot Selector and hold still. Or use flash.

Reviews, Tutorials & Tech says:

That is actually a difficult question. What type of photography… action, sports, scenic, macro, portraits? How much video do you think you'd be shooting? 50% of the time? Once in a while? Every day?

The L110 is not very well suited for action… kids running around for instance. It's also not very well suited for indoor flash photography.

As for specific recommendations, I can't really make one as I'm not up on all the current models. Things change rapidly in the camera technology.

Atlantacus says:

theres a lot of noise for the audio

Joey Kostenbader says:

I have this camera and when I turn it on everything seems fine takes pictures but when u look into the lense or actually take a picture its blurry. Any suggestions
[email protected]

Reviews, Tutorials & Tech says:

@Lindaeroonaa Sanyo Eneloop

Reviews, Tutorials & Tech says:

@Lindaeroonaa Not as long as I'd like but better than other NiMH that I've tried. the camera does not sip juice but chugs it.

Reviews, Tutorials & Tech says:

@Lindaeroonaa No, you cannot use the camera without batteries. I use Sanyo Eneloop rechargable NiMH batteries

Reviews, Tutorials & Tech says:

@HippoPwn It cannot pause in record mode. Yes, it has a USB out as well as an HDMI output.

Reviews, Tutorials & Tech says:

@peaveyguy17 No, There is no AV input on the camera. It's an output.

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