Review: Fujifilm FinePix S4200 Digital Camera

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In this episode of MCOJ, Joe gives you his full review of the Fujifilm FinePix S4200 digital point and shoot camera! Is it the ultimate camera to have this holiday season? Watch to find out!


CocoDab says:

I don't know if you'll get this comment but this is 2020 I think the camera still gorgeous till this day and I want your advice if the pictures are still good or not in your video I would really love it if you respond because I am low on money and I found one for low price because it was used so if you can respond to me and say this camera still good for pictures in your video that be great….

Josh Hayes says:

my s4200 just beeps when i try to take a picture, any help????

Sill of Misery says:

My uncle gave me this old camera and I usually use my cameras in manual mode but I've got a problem when I try to use set the aperture I only can choose f/3.1 and f/8. I saw some pictures with this camera on Flickr from other people and I saw the metadatas of their pictures and strangely they could use more options of aperture. Maybe manual mode is limited to 2 options of aperture??

ScreenPrintR says:

Thanks Joe, I bought a used one on eBay. The pictures are fuzzy. I'm new and not sure what to adjust. I have it on Auto. I know the main things are Aperture, ISO and shutter speed.

FlightTheatre says:

I'm getting my s4240 soon

Clay Schroeder says:

How do i check the shutter count on this?

Relics says:

The LS.. I mean LCD

The1945Rooster says:

This guy might know his stuff but he is jumping around with the camera like a flea on carpet awaiting a new host. He is speaking far to quickly and jumping from one feature to the next with little or no pause time.
The nearest thing that I can relate the experience to is like a wind-up jack-in-the-box with a speeded- up race commentary.

Maria L says:

Thank you for the video, but you were flying through the software. I couldn't keep up with you. 🙁

Michael Gallant says:

I have read the manual for this camera but I can't find the function to turn off the date stamp on my photos. Can you please help?

Tikihead says:

Is there an output for an external mic?

theoldyellr says:

I got into serious photography (shooting, developing, printing) 60 years ago with a Pentax SLR and a bunch of lenses. When I switched to digital, I was shocked at the cost of a decent DSLR and lenses, so I got a Fuji S602 pseudo SLR for what I considered an exorbitant price, about, $1000. I liked it, but it could only take 1gig memory cards and the battery life was terrible. After the battery door broke and I got sick of using duct tape, I bought an S4200 for $128 on sale and a 32gig memory card and have never been happier. Sure, it won't produce needle sharp 16×20's like my Pentax did, but it's great for what I need.

Gatt One says:

the camera is good. I made all my videos about me and my girlfriend using this camera.
the point is that now it has a little problem with the flash light coz it doesn't come out automatically but the camera is resistant.
I always use it for videos. also my Galaxy note 3 and my Iphone5s.
anyway is a nice camera, like your video. cool 🙂

Nick V says:

The real deal is now in 2016. These cameras are always available used on ebay for a song. I bought mine, like new, for $30 shipped and its an awesome camera for such a low price.

The Omar Man says:

Is the audio good plz answer +MobileCupOfJoe

Ruth Oteh says:

hey does this camera have a hot shoe

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