Review Fujifilm Finepix S1 digital camera

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Disclosure: I received a free sample for review.
Mega-zoom, 50x lens. (24mm-1200mm)
In-camera USB chargeable 1700mAh battery.
Shoots RAW
Can zoom while recording video but zooming noise is noticeable in video.
No mic in jack.

My biggest issue is the imprecise zoom. I am always overshooting, zooming in or out too much because it isn’t as precise as I’d like.


Vincent DeGennaro says:

Very well done video with explanation of what's coming next in frame.

yoichi franck says:

Nice Review

scy says:

does this camera have microphone imput

z f says:

does the camera having 1080p 60fps?

Shem Supreme says:

where are the reset bottons?

Ckhristalle Ugarte says:

please teach me where to enable the flash..i cant find it on the settings

Akylas Feidantsis says:

Excellent work my friend.
Question : Do you think this camera as a good choice for Sports Shooting ?

TTV.Gan3jaman !! says:

how do you record on it

David Wood says:

Can the microphone be turned off when shooting video? Great review.

alawabidingcitizen says:

Hi Michael, I have a very fast connection and my video settings are on 1080p and I didn't see the picture quality impressive? No bad though. Does that have to do with the lighting in your pictures or is that the max this camera can offer?

Ewan Gunn says:

could you take it underwater ?

smarsh says:

is there a microphone jack? for shotgun mics

Pakorn Ketpongsuda says:

Down side are filter and hood are options.

PaoLo says:

@Reviews, Tutorials & Tech  Michael, can I take good pictures of the stars and te Milky Way at night with this camera?

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