Retro Review: Fujifilm FinePix S1800 12.2MP Digital Camera (18x)

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A retro review of the Fujifilm S1800 camera (18x optical zoom).

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-12.2-megapixel, 1/2.3-inch CCD for photo-quality poster-sized prints
-Fujinon 18x wide-angle optical zoom lens (28mm wide-angle to 504mm telephoto); Dual Image Stabilization
-Capture movies in HD quality 720p resolution
-3.0-inch high-contrast LCD and Electronic View Finder
-Track a moving subject automatically for still picture capture


NNRM says:

You can change the quality if you press the F beside the video logo button

Mo Mokbel says:

I Have Won about I am Arabic. I can’t us. The’s because the better is not good

chris thapelo says:

I have the same camera, what kind of batteries would last longer because it eats battery life like pop corns

Geoff Warren says:

Thank you! Great review. Cheers

chiháb kømìdi Dz says:

تجري فالهدرة حبيبي

Geoff Warren says:

Awesome review! Thanks!  I just got this camera given to me, and now I know how to use it. I'll mention another neat feature (not sure if you mentioned this) but the lens cap only fits on when the camera power is off. This is handy since you won't be able to drain your battery if you have the lens cap on. Also, regarding batteries, you can use rechargeable AA batteries which you can buy at most of the dollar stores these days.

kavinnila mahendran says:

is this a dslr?

Kokoro Music says:

Hi, I inherited this camera from my sister. I know nothing about camera but can I add an external mic for recording video???

Thank you

Taz 74 says:

Does it capture sound while recording? And is the sound quality any good?

Janiya Victoria Ann Ross says:

I have this camera. I got it for Christmas and I have the 24x superwide lense.

jesuisravi says:

can you say which long zoom camera has the best image quality–I mean retro camera

*•̴h̴e̴y̴ ̴ ̴b̴a̴b̴y̴s̴•̴* says:

Entendi tudooo

lineartechbd1600 says:

I bought one of these off of a guy for ten bucks because the camera wouldn't recognize the memory card. I squirted some contact cleaner in it and it worked fine after that.

Brum Crum says:

I got that camera for my recent birthday (12th 6days ago) and it used to be my dad's

Cuando Llega La Noche says:

forgive a question can be recorded with the camera

•no life• says:

Mine won’t turn on. And the battery slot doesn’t open, even if you slide the dumb battery “opener thing”. It won’t even open with a knife, so overall I wasted 60 bucks.

Buisang Ndlozi says:

Great review, terrible intro, really terrible 🙂

SheBEAST Health and Fitness says:

when you zoom in on the picture after it has already been taken, is there a way to save the zoomed in picture?

Marshall FILMZ says:

Does the Camara flash good at night ? While you record yourself ?

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