Retro Review: Apple's Digital Camera – QuickTake 200 (Circa 1996)

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It’s amazing how much technology has advanced over the past 15 years isn’t it?!

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Christelle NGUYEN VAN THAN says:

im watching in 2019 iPhone 11 is out who else??

Richard Graham says:

It is fascinating to see how technology has come on in leaps and bounds with the influx of digital. Some of these early digital cameras were absolutely ground breaking in their day and totally changed the world of photography for ever. There is one side of this medium though that for whatever unknown (to me ) reason has never moved forward the way the digital hand held camera has moved on. If you look at the way the cameras have evolved even in the last 10 tears with huge improvements in auto focus, ISO and the MP sensors available is incredible except for WEBCAMS. Webcams appear to have almost sat still for 15 years, with nothing really of any interest to come along other than the increase in resolution in most cases to FH and in rare cases 4K. There are still so many webcams out there that capture in 720 and not even in 1080.
What has gone wrong here? I for one cannot understand the reason behind this as if anything, I would have thought the webcam would have been an ideal medium to progress even faster than hand helds. Why don't we have webcams that can be hand held, that can use WiFi as a link and have 20MP resolution, they could have doubled up as hand held giving great quality stills and video. Why did they stagnate?

Minoan Light says:

Apple of 90s is the Apple of today, making pointless devices.

Tex Mex says:

These were fantastic at the time for getting photos to people across the internet. We used the piss out of them at work.

Snake Bite says:

Hahaha, i still have one of these that i got new in 1996 i think, still works but have not used it in probably 20+ years

OldAppleGeek says:


Merlin Ambrosius says:

I still have mine.

Abigail Sockeye says:

Kodak dug their own grave

Tanmoy Mallick says:

Comparing this and an iphone7 plus camera would be fun to watch.

Mrk says:

I'm watching from the future

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