Reolink RLC-410 – 4MP PoE Security Camera Review

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A solid PoE Security Camera at a decent Price!

Reolink RLC-410:

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Alex Fiehl says:

Hey – I recently found a 2019 firmware update for the RLC-410 on Reolink's website yesterday and updated my cameras. If you update, can you comment if any of the issues are fixed/improved? Haven't installed mine yet but had them on the bench.

Dvr Rocks says:

That is cool

David Hazen says:

Can the Apps work on your phone and tablet when the internet is down? Thus powered only by the wifi only from your local network router.

Pete says:

Review is useless, I wanted to see it connecting to nvr and monitor, several times there are conflicts, nvr not recognizing cameras. It may be useful for some maybe.

Monkey Haters says:

Camera would not connect to my phone ask for a refund in they block me and removed their email saying they would give me my refund back Stay away

Nick says:

I have 4 Reolink cameras and they are shit. Very good quality WHEN they work but mine constantly disconnect and will only re-connect by removing from the house and having to connect via Ethernet. The firmware will also not update on any of the cameras. Reolink customer support is extremely slow and pretty much useless. They even offered me 8% discount on 2 of my cameras for the issue I am facing. I would rather the cameras actually properly work than have a discount.

I do NOT recommend Reolink at all.


Hello, if we have audio PoE camera, and we put an HDMI cable, do we have audio via the HDMI cable?

sergiointerior says:

So the dome cam got better quality? Do they have WDR at all ?

Dennis W says:

I recently purchased the reolink 410 with SD card. After 60 days and numerous visits to YouTube videos there is a major problem with this.   1. you can NEVER talk to Tec-support in person to resolve problems. Most of the time they refer you to a YouTube video that only address two of a seven part problem. 2. Play back is extremely difficult to use. I don't plan on looking at the screen 24/7, I want to know what is going on when I'm not home!. 3.To set up sensitivity of camera activation. Think about it, do you want to be notified every time a leaf falls off a tree? 4. Reolink assumes you have a NVR for playback yet reviews lead to believe if you buy the SD cards it's not necessary. ( I still don't know one way or another) 5. Most generally if you "cut" you think delete it, not Reolink it is opposite. Other options are still unknown meaning unless you are a Reolink Tec.

Michael Lawn says:

I looked on their website and amazon and it seems that only 4mb/5mp is the only combo system they have . Otherwise to get other cameras you need to buy individual. Am I missing something?

MoneyMakingExpert says:

I use these cameras for my main security cameras, they're brilliant. What do you think of the Reolink Go? I've just done my first review video on my channel with it!

Pomona Yip says:

HI,buddy,i got a problem on logging into the reolink client wed side,it just keep saying incorrect username and pass word,i do not know why, but it works on my cell phone,do you have any idea…hope you can help me out.thanks

CatFish 911 says:

I am thinking of getting a Reolink system. But Have a couple questions yo may be able to answer.. I want to have wired on some cameras and also have wireless of a few others. Is it possible to have a combinations of cameras like that or do they all need to be wired or wireless. I am thinking WIRED for outside and wireless for inside so I can place cams more in a hidden or not easy seen place by a intruder.

I am thinking right now for 4 cameras outside and 4 inside and having 2 of the outside pan and zoom capable.

RLN16-410 16-Channel 5MP/4MP PoE Security NVR as the main and haven't decided on what cameras yet.

Bill Frost says:

Looking to purchase a POE switch, any recommendations? Thx!

BigDo says:

Yeah it should have it where you can turn off some of the IR lights depending on your situation..

guyrelax says:

there is nothing on here about getting this thing up and running. I hooked it up, nothing. Bought a PoE injector, nothing. Software doesn't recognize it

Shooz Russ says:

I'm hearing the remote viewing outside of your home don't work.. Is that truth?

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