Reolink Argus PT Review – Wireless Battery Powered Pan and Tilt WiFi Camera

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Today, we are going to check and test out the Reolink Argus PT. This is a 100% wire free battery powered WiFi security camera from Reolink that has Pan and Tilt feature and is also IP65 Weatherproof rated. We will check out the video and audio quality day and night, test its features and see if this camera is the security camera that you are looking for.

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LokiV says:

awesome reviews watched a few subscribed 😎 👍

Rob H says:

Another great review, thank you.

Brandon Nesmith says:

FINALLY!!! Been waiting forever forever for Reolink to release this and for you to get one to test out for us. As always, GREAT review! Might hold off on this one until Cyber Monday or any other holiday deals. I do wish we could have motion detection zones on these battery powered cameras. I understand why they don't, but for those of us who hook up to a solar panel, we don't have to worry about the battery drain. I love my Argus 2, so I'm sure I'll love this one once I get my hands on one. The Argus 2 has held up really well in this Texas heat, though it is in a shady area.

Budget is just a little tight with me returning to school (why does higher education have to be so damn expensive? lol) but I'll definitely get the PT before the end of the year.

u50214 says:

Looking at the app this looks very similar to the Ezviz Studio app and the CTQ6C PT camera. That camera uses HikVision firmware. Are Reolink cameras another brand of HikVision? And can the camera interface with third party software for viewing and controlling the camera? The Ezviz cameras appear to be crippled to only be able to use their own proprietary apps.

Ellis Nishimoto says:

I am thinking of buying security cameras but will not buy Reolink cameras because of the built-in battery feature { batteries should be replaceable }. I hope they resolve this before I buy another brand security system.

Yankeerex says:

Doesn't look like a long term promising Security Camera. More like for viewing only. Great video tough 🖖

Slappy McPhee says:

Does it look like the housing could be painted? I fully understand that these companies make them white or black for reasons, but I for example having an awning this could hide under and capture great footage so wouldn't want the camera to stick out like a sore thumb from a curb appeal perspective.

Patricia Parker says:

Have your or will you review the eufy cam with face recognition

Steve S says:

Hi LifeHackster, I had bought this camera a few days ago, and I must agree with all your test results. Flimsy bracket, sound not loud enough and microphone needs to be recording louder too. Video quality is for my needs excellent. As for the missing presets, I feel the same way as you do. However, I think it is a good product for the money. And still no news as to when we get the cloud services over here in the UK. I believe it is now well overdue, but there is no news as yet. I was surprised at your solution for the bracket. I never thought of that. Thank you for another excellent video.

Giovanni Turco says:

Hi another fantastic video again funny enough I was looking at this camera yesterday on Reolink website it looks a good camera I am just waiting for the new out door camera wired version to come out I think they are going to call it SPOTCAM and the new design on the camera is fantastic plus did you ever get your Reolink camera to work on the Alexa sorry for being a pain about it

Townie says:

Glad you were able to post a review about this camera I’ve been looking at purchasing this camera now for a this while now. The only thing I’m not really a fan of is the mount but like you said you could always purchase another mount on amazon and that’s probably what I’ll do. Great review as always extremely helpful 👍🏼

Darren Burris says:

I look forward to hearing your reviews!

Dennis Moore says:

Just a suggestion, not sure if feasible, but would like to see a clarity test with the license plate at night with night vision on for your tests.

longbowdt says:

Your product testing seems to cover a lot of bases. Much appreciated.

CGC says:

Battery life? Am I supposed to discard the camera when battery reaches end-of-life?


Can this camera be placed on flat surface without mounting it upside down and still get an upright image?

Mark Her says:

This cam is way to much…I’ll stick with the Yi 1080p dome cams…FYI: I have had 6 Yi 1080p dome cams installed outside for over 2yrs now here in Central Texas and they still work great and have all the feature that the reolink does not have and only cost $40 to $50…Plus the Yi PC program now allows you liveview 9 cams at one time..😄😄👍👍

123abc says:

This is pricey, only real feature is it is battery powered, how long does the battery last? No motion tracking or sentry mode, the $30 Wyze pan has these features. The mount is not very sturdy even in a light breeze. I don't see it lasting very long.

Rockaland2 says:

its cheap.. lets face it… PTZ feature is the selling point.. mount just plain sucks.. I also dont like that cheap rubber crap weather proofing for the on / off switch and for the charger/solar that is just plain cheap and wont last.. the solar panels from reolink are just cheap and the wire breaks easy.. im saying all this cause i owned a argus pro 2 and argus eco. with solar.. i sent both back.. reolink 4k cameras seam better made.. I would get the PT if the price was way cheaper.. but not a fan of the cheap rubber . I would like to see you do ezviz next I noticed you like the swann 4k.. I would like to see the app in action on that.. My next move will be a POE system.. just less hassle with batteries and wifi ..

sal diciaccio says:

How much longer for the reolink vs Swann 4K shootout video

Bryan Ngo says:

sigh….problem with wifi cams is if they really wanted to get in they can jam the wifi….

GLENN B. says:

Very good review and comments. Thank you.

newbie101 says:

Will this be safe to install outside with the rain with no cover? thanks

Quang Tran says:

Finally! So glad someone is doing a review. I was planning on getting this for a gate camera but no onvif

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