Reolink Argus Eco Wireless WiFi Camera Review – Unboxing, Features, Settings, Installation, Footage

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Today, we are going to check out a new WiFi security camera from Reolink and this is a camera that is added to the Reolink’s Argus line… The Argus Eco.

Reolink Argus Eco –

Reolink Solar Panel –

We will check out starting from unboxing, features, setup, settings, installation and sample footage. I am also excited to check out its PIR motion detection distance and see if Reolink has fixed the issues it has with the other Arguses (especially the Argus 2). The Argus 2 only detects reliably ~ 15 feet which is not good…but we will see if the Eco has this fixed.

PIR Motion Detection Distance Test –

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Melanie Martinez says:

is this works in 5ghz?

Shadow91507 says:

Thank you, wonderful thorough review! (I especially liked the motion comparison test at 13:00.) What years did these Reolink models come out? I couldn't find the answer on their website.
9:03 Also, I see you can kinda tighten the strap just by pulling, but how do you prevent the product from slipping down the pipe after a long time?

Drew Dugger says:

Awesome video thanks for the detailed info

Mahesh Adikari says:

Hi LH, quick question. Has the argus 2 got the siren like eco does??

jlustig83 says:

Does the echo have P2P function?

Make Me Famous For No Reason says:

can I add it to a nvr system or nas?

Andrés Cardona says:

Hi did you test the motion detection zone option on this camera? Thanx and great review

Kev Jaffray says:

Thank you for your in-depth review, just what I was looking for. I’ve just purchased one of these on the back of your review, got a “free” solar panel with it too. Keep up the great reviews my friend.

symbian1530 says:

Which are the cameras with less false alarms among all that you have tested?

Nikos Mylonopoulos says:

The problem with the Eco is that you cannot position it toward the left at an angle as the protruding antenna goes up against the mount. I have to go find a cable extension that does not protrude as much. It should have an internal antenna or an extension should be included in the package

jellyjenn12291 says:

did you ever do a comparison between all the battery operated Argus cameras? I'm looking into getting 1 but not sure which one I should get?

gussy-t-3 says:

Hello I was wondering if the wireless camera can connect to the nvr recorder?

Zeppy says:

Like all your videos! I Just purchased 4 Reolink Poe cameras and one Wireless RLC-511W which I installed without a hitch except the wireless one which is why I am reaching out to you. I have 2 RLC-423's which are amazing, one RLC-422, and one RLC 511 all working great on my Qnap Nas over Cat 6 cable through a POE Switch. The problem I am having is with the 511W… I set it up with the ethernet cable to my Router with the iPhone Reolink App and everything works great but the moment I unplug the Ethernet cable from the camera which I used for the setup, it will not show? It.s driving me nuts! I have deleted the camera and scanned the QR codes 5 times!! Really hope you can help! Thanks in advance!! Jeff

Steven Pow says:

How long does the battery last

Yolanda D says:

Can you please tell me how to set this up on my computer? Thanks

Devilstudio says:

Animals detected?

Isaac Guerrero says:

Can you get the video feed to show up on a firestick? Reolink App is not on the Amazon Market.

Joe Mehere says:

What about wifi distance comparison? Thanks for the review

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