Reolink 5MP Outdoor POE Turret IP Security Camera Review – RLC-520

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In today’s video I take a closer look at the Reolink 5MP Outdoor POE Turret IP Security Camera RLC-520.
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This is a 5mp camera that records in 2560×1920 at 30fps. You can power the camera using an Ethernet cable but are required to use a switch/injector or a POE NVR.

And by downloading the Reolink APP you will get instant push notifications when the camera detect motion. You can record to the microSD card and it supports up to 64GB.

The camera is IP66 rated so it should have now pronlem being placed outdoors since it is dust and water proof.

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itsme itsmemendi says:

Does it have a microphone ?

chris zhong says:

thank you for your video, it provides useful information. I got a switch that output 48V for POE connection, it this going to power up the Camera properly?

mama papa says:

i like your voice. very soothing and gentle. 🙂

cristian ivolschi says:

Can I upload images to AWS S3 or any other type of cloud storage?

ComeHon OurFace says:

Brought one of these didnt know i needed the POE switch 🤦‍♂️

K T says:

not helpful

Мистер Икс says:

Does this camera have an onvif protocol for connecting to a DVR?

Passion RC 85 says:

no PTZ > nul !

hotmailduke says:

Most people tend to 8mp nowadays. Could you guys do another Video to Reolinks D800? It is the same shape and built but has 8MP! On the other hand it can only do 20fps max. So maybe you review it?

Eren K says:

Can we use this camera only connect with router?

Sourav Ghosh says:

Thank you for your review. It was very helpful. Do you have any recommendations for a wide-angle lens IP camera?

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