Reolink 4K Security Camera System Review – B800 8MP vs 4MP vs 5MP

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Today, we are going to check out Reolink’s 4K PoE NVR Security Camera… the B800 and also the their new 8 channel NVR (RLN8-410E) that can run these cameras. We will be comparing the video and audio quality of the B800 8MP 4K camera to Reolink’s 4MP RLC-410 and 5MP RLC-420 PoE cameras and see if there is a big difference.

Reolink’s 8 channel NVR can be accessed via the Reolink App where you are able to control and change the camera’s settings, view and review footage that you can also download to your phone. Their app is more responsive now as compared before. You can also easily control the cameras and the NVR using their PC or Mac client software.

Full Resolution Snapshot – Clarity Test @ 50 feet:
RLC-410 4MP –
RLC-420 5MP –
B800 8MP –
4K & 5MP Sample Footage from B800 camera –

Reolink 4MP PoE NVR System Review:
Part 1 –
Part 2 –
Part 3 –

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Reolink 4k 8 Channel PoE Security Channel System:

Reolink B800 4K Ultra HD PoE Security Camera:

Reolink 4MP 8 Channel PoE NVR System:

Reolink 8 Channel NVR:

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Paul says:

Salamat from Australia

Matt D says:

Can I have a PoE+ switch on my network and plug the camera into that or does the camera have to physically use the poe switch built into the NVR??

Ted Medina says:

hello, can you tell me if the wireless, battery powered camera will work with the rlk8-800b4 system?

Momfasa says:

This looks awesome. Still happy with this system?

Sean Commins says:

These videos are great and very helpful. I have seen all of your reviews on the PoE security systems. I have been going back and forth between Swann and Reolink. For me Reolinks ability for expanded HDD both internal and external are clutch.

One thing I haven't seen mentioned in these reviews (yours and all the others) is the recording capacity. I want to only rely on one system for simplicity for my family; I can manage all these tech stuff but I have to be able to rely on my family doing it while I'm on travel. So, at 4K, "ultra" HD 8 cameras recording 24/7 how many days do you get before it overwrites?

djlowtek says:

The instruction manual I found online says you MUST connect the camera DIRECTLY to the NVR and you cannot use it standalone and you cannot connect it via IP address, just by directly connecting it. Is this true? Check the quickstart guide on their website it specifically says it.

Matt D says:

What the heck. Why is the 4MP better??!

Stephen Mau says:

Did reolink fix the issue when picking up license plates at night with the infared LEDs on? I remember it would blow out the license plate so its unreadable.

Nani C says:

Hello, so I’m new to all these security camera systems and I’m sorta confused. Is there a specific cable I need to purchase so that the audio records to the dvr?

Sean Davis says:

I bought the Reolink system based on 1 of your videos over a year ago. (Your videos are well thought out) I'm not sure where you live.. I am from Florida and we get a lot of heavy rain.. Currently I have had to return 5 cameras! (The customer service has been very good but I am not sure why these cameras appear to be suspect in weather.. I love the app.. The NVR.. Cameras when they work.. Etc.. I was hoping that you may have some helpful insight..

AM G says:

Do you prefer dome or bullet style cameras? Might be silly but I'm afraid of spiders nesting in the bullet camera but also I'm afraid of rain and glare affecting the dome cameras…

Jason Majere says:

Seen other videos about reolink, reolink had the best picture by far. Mic seem to suck on 5 and 8 mp

Killa Commando says:

How well is the night vision on play back? Is it like grainy or clear? Thank you!!

soapbullet s says:

Just bought 8CH 8MP NVR RLN8-410 without fan and no stickers said its new version.

daispatrick says:

@lifehackster: so de spec for the 4mp is 30fps de 5mp 25fps , i just installed the 5mp and have a 30fps option

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