Reolink 4K Camera System Review and How to Install | RLK8-800B4

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We installed a Reolink 4K NVR System in a home and share our views on the system. The system is super simple for anyone to install and keep tabs on your home, animals, kids, etc.

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Peter Stuart says:

Can you show how to add non-reolink cams to the reolink nvr? I swear I heard you say you were able to. Getting ready to replace my current milestone system and I have a few onvif-compliant cams I'd like to continue to use.

Amed M says:

Thanks for the info. So you have 4 Ethernet wires from the cameras coming through a hole in the wall to connect to the NVR? No one ever shows this part or how it will look. Also, guessing the NVR would have to be close or same room to the router?

SpeedTwitch says:

Do you need to have a dedicated TV or monitor for this or can you just use your desktop to watch the feeds?

Ron Hind says:

I have a question regarding recorded files – how do I delete recordings to clear space on my MicroSD card ?

J- roc says:

Can you use or upgrade to another POE dvr with those cameras?

Later2u says:

Reolink phone app is also awesome. I have a camera pointed to my front door, motion only. It will email to a gmail account that I have set-up for the NVR only. Great for documenting and getting an offsite backup of people who approach the front door.

Tim Lange says:

I have an Amcrest camera and use Amcrest Surveillance Pro software. I am surprised that there is a minimum 10 second delay on motion detection recording. Are other systems having this delay too?

Nate S says:

Does it work with Blue Iris?
Can u download video direct to your android?

Darna Belak says:

I bought the reolink NVR RLK8-800B4 with additional two more cameras..(6 in total).. And installed ourselves. Easy job.
Now I have to work on fine tuning the settings. Any recommendations on the settings? I'm in Australia and found Reolink to be better than the Swann and alot cheaper than the Swann. Swann is overrated and over priced.
Reolink easy to install and quick delivery from Amazon Australia 👍
Thank you for the video clip.

Snow Rabbit says:

NVR 🙈 nice 1985 setup! God! We God cloud and SD backup why the hell would want a NVR.. that people can steal.

Falcon Three says:

Is this a China product?

Matt McEvilly says:

Will this senerio work? NVR located in my house with 6 cams attached to it. I would like to add two WIRED cameras to my outbuilding. Can I hook them up to a PoE switch in the outbuilding and still get them to show up on the NVR in the house with the RLK16-410B8 system?
I had a Zmodo system that I quickly learned weren't true PoE cameras…what garbage!!

OUR Republic- Never Give In says:

Installed my 4 camera system in 2 hours. Still working on learning to burn a DVD off recorded video. But otherwise it's well worth the money.

frank p says:

Im looking for a wired system , lorex or reolink ?

Danny Locke says:

I had to return the 4 cam 4mp system. I kept losing signal on two cameras and one camera kept freezing up.

Cristian Secui says:

Hi! When you have a car at the red box, you can see the number plate? Thank you!

Tim Mokry says:

How much recording time do you get with the 2TB size hard drive?

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