Remo+ Doorcam Review, Unbox, and Setup – Smart Home Camera

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Remo+ Doorcam Review, Unbox, and Setup – Smart Home Camera

The Remo Plus is a subscription-service based smart home camera with a good set of features. Although I was sponsored to do this video, I will tell you that the subscription price is both reasonable and worth it as far as I’m concerned.

My favorite part of this device is actually the design itself. The smart home camera hangs over the door frame and points down towards the ground. This camera can’t be stolen as a result, and I like that it really takes zero effort to set it up and tear it down.

In case you wanted to check their website out, is the address and the camera is $199 USD. The subscription service is $3 USD / month or $30 /year, both of which are extremely reasonable for what you get.

The storage on this camera is entirely cloud-based, and so the device uploads each video to the cloud. That’s what the subscription service is for. Now, on top of that this camera touts a 2-way audio capability and 720p Full HD video, including a very good night vision capability. The audio between the two can be a little difficult to use, but all in all it’s very good.

All in, the Remo+ Smart Camera is a very good smart home camera with a niche over-the-door market and a good set of capabilities. I enjoyed getting one of these from Remo+ and I will continue my subscription service with them.

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Oneness100 says:

Yes, they can steal one, they just have to break down the door or break into the house and then take it after the door/house is broken into. I doubt it's going to happen all that often, but it's not 100% safe from being stolen.

Fabi De Castro says:

Nice review but you said "actually" so many times it became a distraction.

Keith Croshaw says:

Hello, just subbed. The anti-theft component of this camera is really interesting. I despise batteries, especially ones that aren't rechargeable. Also why do all of these smart cameras not have the ability to throw video in hourly chunks onto a NAS or something instead of paying for cloud storage… I'd rather a powered hang from the top of the door frame that can log video to Blur Iris or something that aggregates video locally.

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