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The Redmi Note 9 Pro is here, but is it the true successor to the Redmi Note 8 Pro, or is the camera still better on the older Note 8 Pro? Let’s find out in our in-depth camera comparison of the Redmi Note 8 Pro vs Redmi Note 9 Pro Camera.

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Bapak Tohason says:

No 64mp variant note 9 pro

Muzfar Dar says:

He is shaking the whole body is he dancing

Chandan Choudhury says:

When you come with note 9 pro max still waiting for it

Prashant Thakuri says:

9 pro like
8 pro cmt

Bipa says:

Plz do a detail comparision between Redmi note 9 pro max vs redmi note 8 pro.!

Murat Memism says:

You say that the 9 pro comes with an 48mp camera so the 8 pro will have note details. If the device in your hands has a resulution of 48mp it is note the pro..

TRiKAĀL says:

Comparison kahi banta hi nhi hai note 9 pro se kaha 64MP vs 48MP . Agar note 9 pro ka camera jayada accha h to 64MP camera note 8 pro mei galat diya h mi walo ne .

Vani Sharma says:

I'm so confused in these two
redmi note 8 pro
redmi note 9 pro
someone please suggest me
which is better?
I'm going to buy one in 2 days.

timepass says:

Please compared redmi note 8pro vs 9pro max

timepass says:

Change settings to good image note 9 pro

sijusajan mathew says:

Redmi note 8 pro display more brightness

SonyX64 says:

It feels like note 8 pro is better

Nelson Terio says:

9:53 love the "note 9" spoken by Varun

ZeroOne Gaming Ph says:

3:57 the differents is really noticeable the left side has no squirrel while the right side has a squirrel😆

AZ Jay says:

Worst comparison ever

Mpower says:

u have note 9s bro, not 9pro, redmi note 9, redmi note 9s – with 48 camera, and redmi note 9 pro with 64 camera right now

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