Redmi Note 8 Pro vs OnePlus 7T vs iPhone 11 Pro camera comparison: what's the difference?

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In this video, we shall compare the cameras on the #RedmiNote8Pro, #iPhone11Pro, and #OnePlus7T. How do the best cameras in their respective price segments stack up against each other?

Host: Ershad
Editor: Nitesh

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Edutech with ãvi says:

Just do it for note7pro vs iPhone 11 vs Oneplus7T then it will be interesting

demon6937 says:

Damn amazing iPhone 11 pro but sadly I'm not an apple guy

Rajesh Kanna says:

F*** off this iphone and oneplus redmi real King of cameras

Nirav shah says:

Better then 7t and no comparison with iphone 11 pro

David Papanagis says:

My friend, should I buy the Note 8 pro with 185 euros or the iPhone with 1100.. you will be the judge…

zahoor hussain says:

Also compare the price, redme is budget phone

Siddharth Sharma says:

Indoor pics of IPhone rear camera were softer and had a yellow cast. The wall and sofa had yellow cast. Only in extremely low light, It performed better. The selfie of IPhone was smudged up in low light. I don't think it is good performance by a phone which costs 99900 for 64 GB version in India.

Game Bond says:

iPhone 11 Pro>Redmi Note 8 Pro>OnePlus 7T. Before whiny babies come and shout just watch the whole video again compare it from his side and by yourself. Its like as if they just decided in the end to spare OnePlus 7T to avoid controversy

chandan prasad says:

You should compare with Google camara app for Redmi note 8 pro.

Subhasish Bhattacharya says:

Over sharpness yes I still use S7 in 2019 and I feel in it but I use gcam on my S7 and result just terrific.

Alexandru Savaliuc says:

Only difference is that iphone put warmer tint in camera making pics more yellow

Arun Kumar says:

which is more rupees phone means manga phone and you're saying that is iPhone 11 is iPhone is best phone compare between oneplus 7t and redmi 8 pro but redmi 8 pro picture is sharper and not then iPhone 11 pro

Hamza Hamza says:

At first glance, you think the comparison is unfair, but with the Note 8 experience it is not insignificant

Mannan Anand says:

Now that's a much needed video!
Love the fact that you made it happen. Also, could you please make a comparison between 7T, K20 Pro and Realme X2 Pro GCam Mod?


Mi note 10 put Iphone 11 pro in shame …. u can compare that phone though the price difference is huge …


Bro make fair video man … Redmi note 8 pro price is 15k tell iphone to brings its humangous price to atlst 25k den compete with it …. For a mobile in 15k segment RN8 pro is way ahead to its competitor ……

trending videos says:

iPhone is waste of money because mi and real me are giving 108MP in 40000

Awara Boys 005 says:

I watch full video
I think mi note 8 pro is the best camera phone of these three phones excluding low light

Clement Zote says:

David beating goliath video 😂😂😂

sumit jain001 says:

Jisko phone dikane ke liye lena h usse features se kya lena dena so iphone and oneplus vaale bhag jao

jithin sankar says:

Turn 1080p 60fps in rn8pro

Gul 777 says:

Recently subscribed amazing comparison keep going bro

Askar Ismail says:

Redmi employee….

Light and Dark says:

note 8 pro is a 200 dollar phone dude… it's stock camera is not that good…try to use 3rd party camera apps for it…

Lal Mazuala says:

Note 8 pro photo are better in all of your photo shown above

R N says:

Guy is not fully aware of what pixels mean. Pictures by Redmi are higher pixels and that is why your face looks the way it does.

Dilwar hussain says:

Bloodly hell . U r just a liar.. u got money from iPhone .. u didn't even compare with 64 mp camera. . n redmi note 8 pro camera produce more sharp details so u say it's over sharp ..u r a idiot

Dilwar hussain says:

M watching your video but in the in mean I would like to say that ..6.07 min.. clearly wins by redmi note 8 pro. It's sharp it gives more details to the image so u r considering DT it over sharp.. whereas iPhone and OnePlus 7t image became like WhatsApp low size image.. when you zoom in.. you don't know about camera comparation then better know it first..

Bcz if the same sharpness shows by iPhone then you will have said it's killer

Nik 13 says:

K20 pro vs iPhone 11 pro.

Make this video

VJ Anand says:

Sir you didn't added XT in comparison

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