Redmi Note 8 Pro Camera Review – 64 Megapixels and Four Cameras

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Arun Thomas says:

This is one hell of a quality channel, cheers!

Vamshi Krishna says:

-points no super amoled display,no DTS option in audio,

Zyro Zen says:

I don't know why but some phone reviewers prefer realme 5 pro even though they are over saturated

bhavin pithawala says:

are you really that great photographer using mobile or this is just normal camera output for average user. your images are too good. pro mode explanation was great for night photo.

keshab khanal says:

What an explanation!! Great job bro

Syed Junaid Abbas says:

Awesome Amazing

Risk ダgamerz says:

Vivo Z1x vs redmi Note 8 pro….

Divyansh Raj says:

Best Camera Comparison of this two device.
Subscribed and liked for this amazing quality content.

One Request
Can You Make a Telegram Channel and upload real size picture so that we can zoom and judge more better.

Yadugiri giri says:

Nice one dude it's just Insane !! 😍😍

Hasan Jahid says:

Is it possible to use gcam on note 8 pro(mediatek processor)? If it,please make a gcam review on 8 pro.

Tejas adsule says:

Want the gaming review and heat test first 😑 ASAP

Brothers Vlog says:

You are a good photographer as well

Ronojit Das says:

Great video bro

Avinash Avin says:

Pls do Rn 8 camera review with gcam 🙂

Abhi Abhijith says:

OnePlus 5 vs mi note 8 pro which mobiles camera is best

Ecila Gnit says:

Great review 👍 Thanks

Kamahl baduwal says:

Mi a3 v/s note 8 pro comparison please humble request .
Please .

Ab creatives says:

Very useful videos for smartphone maniacs like me , i expect my eyesight to be decreasing in the upcoming years 😥

Sonu Chaudhary says:

Which phone should i buy for camera xt or note 8 pro?

N Raman says:

Aquaman background music.

Shadman Ahmmed says:

Only one reason not to get this phone, "MediaTek" Helio G90T

AVB *** says:

Is this is an Indian unit

King AD says:

Thank you Manu Jain for doing review of redmi note 8 pro

Karthik Astro.O says:

the best ever camera review of a phone i have ever seen . keep it up Sir . bit disappointed to see too loww sub count though u r videos are of fine quality and excellent content . liked n subed . gud luck

Sourav Das says:

Stranger Things theme music? 😏

Syed Rashid Ali says:

Amazing Phone🔥 Amazing Camera 🔥
Amazing Price 🔥

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