Redmi Note 7 Unboxing – Camera, Pubg, Battery

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The Redmi Note 7 is the first phone coming out from the brand Redmi. It is by far the most Mind Blowing phone i have ever reviewed. Its got a 48MP camera, Snapdragon 660 processor, USB Type-C with QC 4.0+ and a very beautiful back design. The Redmi Note 7 only costs around $180-$200 USD. It is almost impossible to have those kind of specs for the price. Is the Redmi Note 7 the smartphone to buy this 1st quarter? Check it out on my video 🙂

By the way, Redmi is the newest sub brand from Xiaomi. he Redmi name that was just a model name before is actually now a sub brand which would immediately equal to products that are priced way lower than the ones that are branded as official Xiaomi. And because its operating as a separate brand now, its now able to make easier decisions on what it can put on its devices. This was the same case as the Pocophone which operated separately from its mother brand and was able to dish out the Pocophone F1 which was tagged as the best bang for the buck smartphone last year. A phone that had flagship specs and only costed around 300 USD. Now Redmi is doing the same thing but on the focus of Entry Level and Midrange Segments.


Pratyush Kiran says:

Ugly hand movements

Ob Gesilva says:

San sa pinas availa to?

MiUi Tech says:

Use gcam plz

KWM Karachi says:

End of samsung . The most stubborn company and also greedy

Amit Ranjan says:

Redmi note 7 is very best i hope redmi note 7 is in very cheap price.

Maarten Jongkind says:

I expected so much more of that camera…. as you can see it's not all about the pixels…

Not New Gen says:

This thing is amazing for the price

Vahnguard27th says:

i need the 1080p @ 60fps and 720p @ 120fps

agung satriyo says:

Apakah boleh saya beli???

Stergiee says:

This is news to me, I've been waiting for this phone and it is already in the Philippines

Victor Akolo says:

please do a full camera review.

rodrigo chavez says:

umidigi f1 or redmi note 7?

s_n 7oo says:

We need Arabic translation


Saang tindahan makakabili?

Roger Ferol says:

Mobile legends

Funsmash XD says:

Peanut at 8:56 looks more like a picked penis……..

amr mosad says:

Thise copy 32+3 or 64+4

ncesoftware says:

Pubg is so badly optimized it lags on almost 90% Android Phones.
BTW phone is really great considering is price tag, better than any other mid range phone currently available in market. But this 48Mp looks like a gimmick too me, i mean compare it to Google Pixel phone and Pixel still has so much better Picture quality, better colour production.

Shubham Maurya says:

Day has come when smartphones are juged by how smooth pubg run

Salman faris says:

I like xiaomi brand

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