Redmi Note 7 Pro vs Samsung S10 Plus Camera Comparison – Is it worth 5 Times the Price?

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Harshad Waghmare says:

The content and quality of your videos is much more high than any other so called famous tech channels, Really a great work by you, days are not far when you will "THE BEST CHANNEL".
Best Wishes for future works.

yash gadhiya says:

superb nd very good comparisons between the s10 nd note7

Bhavith V Shetty says:

Stabilization is better on the Samsung for front camera

Mainul Saikh says:

Note 7 pro is best


Are u crazy ,in clearly winner s10 no compare s10 chines 7pro hu faltu ,ghatia and

rishik mouar says:

Pakka Redmi se paise liye hai #kuchhvbakdenge

100k Subs Without A Video Channel says:

Can't believe Xiaomi fans are this stupid. I can see some morons barking "Samsung sucks"

Sayan Midya says:

Kuch log to to ye bhi bolenge ki next D850 or sony A7s3 ke sath compare koro

Sayan Midya says:

Bhai bakchodi ke koi had hota hai yaar

Sooraj Bairagi says:

I think this is the best camera smart phone in the world in these price segment.
I am a very big fan of you, your each uploded Videos

Ankush Suryavanshi says:

4 redmi note 7 aa jayege ek S10 price main

Riyaz Vhora says:


Kaan Türk says:

Sony Camera Wins 😎

Amir Khan says:

I wish i could travel too

The J.N. Box says:

Are you crazy

Rahul Gupta says:

BRO, there is a difference between budget phone and flagship- phone, there is no comparison between these both.

atleast mid range phone ke sath comarison kiya hota like OPPO, ONE-PLUS etc.

Prabhu Dayal says:

chutiyo ki kami nahi hai

Kharthikeyan P says:

Will 7pro 6GB variant launch in India?

Md Khalid says:

If mi company launch note 8pro and note 9 pro then what ❓happen in phone 📱market

Md Khalid says:

I know very well Note 7 pro camera 📷superb but plzz yrr dont fuck 🖕🖕80000thousand budget phone 📱all company phones under 35000thousand then mi note 7 pro Superb performance in only camera sigment

RUS says:

Note 7 Pro vs Mi 9 SE and Note 5 Pro vs Note 7 Pro.

Iñigo Hiroki says:


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