Redmi K30 vs Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Camera Comparison

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Redmi K30 Hands-on Review:
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Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Review:

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The Moron says:

Redmi K30 Hands-on Review:
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Nicki's TechTalk says:

when will you do that comparison? K30 vs 7T? I am really loving this K30 #moronsquad

Seventh Heaven says:

for me no matter how much pixel but the key for great image is sensor, if not Sony IMX sensor, i wouldn't by absolutely.

Him Upadhyay says:

I want k30 now

Sarang Bugti says:

What the hell? I was planning to buy the mi note 10 mainly for the camera. But after watching this video I'm having second thoughts.

Akash Topder says:

1:42 You are supposed to take portraits with 50mm lens and that is exactly what Mi Note 10 is doing. If you hate this then you must hate 50mm lens on DSLRs.

الدكتور says:

Good video comparison, i subscribe for more videos like this, excellent work.

Gaming: Time says:

Hey you know DXOMARK of MI note 10.its 121.

No Curtains SD says:

My goodness…
This is shocking. K30 performing better than Mi note 10. ???!!!!!
I m confused
I need a more detailed n accurate episode on this same comparison to believe what you say. Really.
You can take it as if I am asking part 2 of this video
My god this is shocking.
I m waiting for the comparison.

Prajwal kotian says:

Nice camera compreason😜😂👍🏻

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