Redmi K30 Pro Zoom vs iPhone 11 Pro Camera Comparison

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The Moron says:

Xiaomi Mi 10 1 Month Review:
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darshan parajuli says:

Very good video..

Panzer Abteilung says:

Sony IMX686 it is amazing

montez Legazpi says:

Show us the phone so that we can be sure that you are not lying. How can we be sure that you are using the k30 pro

Sai Sumanth Undavalli says:

Don't compare iPhone with redmi mobile

Robin Reang says:

It's lockdown period why did you step out

Asim Irshad says:

The price of zoom edition is over $500

Lukas Dvorok says:

Redmi K30 PRO has 3x zoom lens. At 2x zoom it just crops into main sensor. 🙂 That's why you see big difference at 5x zoom where 3x telephoto lens are actually used. 🙂

Ip Singh says:

Very Impressed with K30 pro, Nice comparison Video, plz make some speed test video of K30 pro zoom phone with high end phone's

Naxinilian Nus says:

U don't need gcam on the redmi.

vidAm90 _ says:

Hi everyone THE MORON is here. Lolol

anowarhossainpatwary anowarhossainpatwary says:

Readmi k30pero winner


Next video with gcam

Trevor Claret Adrian says:

Hey man, are you in China? I recently moved to china for work, I would like to get the new K30 Pro with Google Services, Any Luck?

Himanshu Jakhar says:

When you will provide camera comparison between google pixel 4 and iphone 11 pro

Umar Zaman says:

Please use a gcam and make the comparison… Please

Angel Rivera says:

Joom or zoom?

Seb W says:

Just wait for the next Updates on K30Pro.i think they will improve a lot

ghost rider says:

pls Try GCAM on k30 pro PLS PLS .I LOVE UR VIDEOS KEEP IT UP 🤩🤩🤩😍😍😍😍😍😍🙏🏻

Michael K says:

Great comparison.
Looks like a better option than mi10. Xiaomi kills her own flagships…strange move.

How does the k30 pro zoom edition camera compares against the mi10 pro?

Abdullah Acar says:

K30 pro filming in diffrent color radiant, it's not oversaturated. It's happening when you Edit videos on macs

Butch says:

How does it compare to the regular Redmi K30?

GoldenFlower says:

Great video! Thanks

Munem says:

The problem is the weight

Christ Cano says:

And that's only using stock camera. Imagine the amazing things G cam K30 pro will do.

I. Moon9 says:

If you keep the pricing on mind the K30 pro is outstanding. 👍

rusiru batuwatta says:

still xiaomi's front camera looks dal in videos and photos..4k video in rear camera are too much saturated and pop up reds on most android devices.. but iphone is more natural look with good exposure and colours are pleasant to eyes.. photos are mostly iphone is better.. not surprise the price difference..And other thing is newly release phones are good ,how ever after 1,2 years xiaomi downgrade their stock camera software.. gcam is a alternative for that problem sadly..

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