Redmi K20 Pro Vs ZenFone 6 Camera Comparison

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Redmi K20 Pro Vs ZenFone 6 side by side camera comparison. Including video, 4k30,4k60, 1080p, 1080p60, low light and photo comparisons from the ultrawide and main shooters. Don’t forget to catch my ZenFone 6 Vs K20 Pro comparison also here:

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C C says:

How did you that?

Silver says:

If we talk about the photos. if Xiaomi would change/fix their color accuracy it would be a good bit better i think. but ye video no chance also front camera can obviously not win

耀慶王 says:

0:51 ZenFone6 👍

耀慶王 says:

I 💘ZenFone 6

Mr.Dévil - Gaming & reviews says:

LCD vs AMOLED ..u choose it

Fabjan Muca says:

Mi 9 vs K20 pro… plz is worth Mi 9 for extra money?

Sreehari M V says:


Daniel Paz says:

I guess the Zenfone gets the wind noise because it actually records low-end frequencies. That audio from the K20 is really poor.

Shahbaz Butt says:

Colors & brightness is better on k20 pro. It looks dark on ZenFone6.

D H W Test says:


Milton Dvrma says:

Amoled display and zenfone 6 is complete and undefeated

Fletcher Ricafrente says:

Zenfone 6 is obviously a better phone, but K20 Pro is still incredible for its price

Scott GuitarMan says:

Well the K20 will surely get a SW update for the camera… just like Google did a month later with the Pixel 3a after its' release. Also note that the Zenfone 6 has an LCD panel which has every pixel on 100% of the time when the screen is on… thus sucking more power than an AMOLED and negating its' huge battery.

Ewans soman says:

you are a xiaomi basher.i found better photos in k20 pro and better videos in zenfone 6.reason i said this is there is some kinda tint on zenfone 6 photos.while k20 pro preserved colours closed to natural.

Hero Mao says:

I hope Zenfone 7 (2020) will have Super AMOLED.

Wamiyu pa*yu says:

I just wish that zenfone 6's night mode is as good as the one plus 7 pro

BC Evans says:

You can delete this. Your intro here mentions "Zengone 6". 🙂

BC Evans says:

Hey, Chris 🙂 Hope you're getting some rest and feeling better. Nice place to hang out. Thanks for another great video. Would the EIS be improved significantly with GCam for both cameras and improve stabilization? As far as I know Google Pixel phones don't use OIS either, so it's all on their software, GCam, to do the work. And their cameras are consistently highly rated. I'm sure the low light performance will be improved with GCam. They obviously both were just released so any true tests between them may have to wait a few months. At this point the image stabilization is way better for the ZenFone 6. Think I'm going to buy a K20 Pro global version here shortly. I know the K20/Xiaomi Mi9T global version will be released on Wednesday, June 12th. Hopefully the K20 Pro/ Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro (?) global version will be released too and they won't be too expensive. I'll give it a try and see how things unfold.

Joy Maker says:

Sorry dude i have something to say ur eyes behind sun glasses in thumbnail looks like ALIENS 🤔 no offense

nic hole says:

so glad i subbed to your channel, cheers ^^

neal tad says:

I bought 8GB/256GB , so far, it is excellent to use for me.

Aleksandar be together not the same says:

K20 pro wins easy this is biased rewiew 😂😂😂😂😂

zanuar arif says:

Request…Redmi K20 Pro vs Realme X Camera 🙂

007RkB says:

Excellent work. Keep up the good work.

gerauld ralph says:

Why is everyone in the comments section so sure that the flip camera will not be durable

Ajay says:

😅bro i am a asus user. They not provide routine updates but redmi… he will provide routine updates. This is the big thing. I am sure after buying zenfone. U like it most 1-2 month. But after….

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