Redmi K20 Pro vs OnePlus 7 vs Xiaomi Mi 9 Camera Test Comparison!

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Redmi K20 / Redmi K20 Pro Camera test and camera comparison vs OnePlus 7 vs Xiaomi Mi 9 – Which Smartphone has the best camera?

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Fast Tech Solution says:

One Plus 7 Much better than both

ABM W says:

4K over saturated.. for me…

Michole Keith Ucang says:

Great content! Hoping to see K20 Pro using GCam! Oh btw, you've earned a new sub πŸ˜‰
Edit: This is the first time I subbed a channel. Kudos!

Dr Bhavin says:

Superb and much needed comparison brother πŸ‘πŸ’
Really appreciate your efforts… Super honest review.

Chirag Kadian says:

oneplus is best

wdhduquisimo says:

This video format is genius πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

Sourav Samanta says:

Redmi k20 pro is real Keller..

Asif Kabir MAK says:

K20 pro is tha winner
Mi 9 is 2nd
Oneplus is last

Amlesh Kumar says:

Make a camera comparison between Oppo reno 10x and oneplus 7

SpawN says:


Mag12012001 says:

Moral of that,don't take pictures when it is dark.

rakshit nasikkar says:

Axon 10 pro vs One plus 7 pro vs Pixel 3a XL, please….

MaxRecensioni says:

Well done Boss! the most helpful comparison!

RoyalKnight Gaming says:

Zenfone 6 better in many scenario

satyarohit k says:

Does K20 Pro has GCam Mod??

piranias says:

theyre similar because: 1. test is garbage or – 2. all these phones is garbage.
because in another tests redmi k20pro is just garbage compared to zenfone 6 in camera department.

Imran Khan says:

Please do camera comparison between ke & k20 pro

אΧͺΧ’Χ¨ ΧžΧ©Χ” says:

the mi 9 doesnt cost 470 even since it launched its 380 now


Oppo Reno 10X Zoom Vs OnePlus 7 pro Vs Asus ZenFone 6

MrYou ShawaxD says:

I slept 2 times watching this video πŸ˜… ur voice is so calm ❀️

Em Dzei says:

Did the OnePlus 7 had the latest camera update (7.0.9 something), but photos are still reddish?

sunil chaudhary says:

And one feature also Xiaomi has special for every one ads πŸ˜‚

Sooraj Shine says:

can you do oppo reno vs p30 pro vs op7pro vs k20 pro?

A Who Snackbar says:

K20 Pro wins imho.

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