Redmi K20 Pro Unboxing & Review – Value Flagship King!

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Redmi K20 Pro review. Aka Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro & Poco F2 Pro. Detailed review including unboxing, camera tests, gaming, benchmarks with full pros and cons. Where to buy:

03:10 – Screen
04:06 – Fingerprint reader
04:26 – ROM, UI & Benchmarks
08:42 – Audio
09:30 – Included case
09:58 – Gaming
10:47 – Camera review
14:27 – Final thoughts
15:55 – Pros & Cons

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Tech Tablets reviews the latest in Chinese tablets, mobile phones, and other related gadgets. We aim to deliver honest reviews, from a user perspective to help you choose the best tech for your needs. Covering points that matter to you as a user with comparisons, benchmarks, thermals and testing popular games.

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Comments says:

Okay, you now have to enable notifications icons now and they show. They used to always show no matter what, but that changed. So that's one con off the list! Mi 9T Pro is coming it's here and listed on websites to buy right now. It is a global K20 Pro rebadged. Where to buy K20 Pro:

03:10 – Screen

04:06 – Fingerprint reader & screen in sunlight

04:26 – ROM, UI & Benchmarks

08:42 – Audio

09:30 – Included case

09:58 – Gaming

10:47 – Camera review

14:27 – Final thoughts

15:55 – Pros & Cons

Praveen Dissanayake says:

MIUI used to be great in the past. The ad situation coupled with intense background app killing are what's causing people to look elsewhere.

Babar Iqbal says:

Chinese phones are not for me they have zero privacy and you don't know when US gonna ban them too

Sera Noob says:

I like your review … You are different and best .. and you give us additional information in perfect way ..
Thank you.

Itzz Uzair says:

I got to give it to redmi they made a good phone but people were expecting hdr 10 and other mi 9 features

Efon Ekpo says:

Between this and the oneplus 7 pro, which is brighter under sunlight?

Louis Hitman says:

4:48 Bro you can enable notification icons in Miui in settings… I'm using redmi note 4

Fundemort Grey Prime Defender of Truth and Justice says:

Why black hardcase

Kong Lor says:

I can't wait for the global release.

manu doley says:

my fabaret phon.

Meet Khatana says:

Meanwhile Apple is selling $999 monitor stand

Mo Guru says:

All my respect , your reviews are the best , very detailed, focused and above all honest , thank you so much .


I still loved my long lost xiaomi redmi 1s :'(

Marius Edoardo says:

5:01 thanks Xiaomi for keeping notifications out of my view, that was one of my doubts about if changing my Poco or not…only if was 5.8" (or less) would be perfect :c

X Path says:

zenfone 6 is better


Can I buy k20 pro or oneplus 7…

Mr. Grumpy says:

Just screen! But when you watch online movies on this 6.3 inch screen, two ugly bars on left and right apear! Unfortunatly! Because they still use 16:9 aspect.

myil vanan says:

K20 pro face unlock available r not

Musss5 says:


Haziq Choi says:

k20 pro or mi 9 or samsung galaxy s9plus? which one i should pick for gaming and photography?

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