Redmi K20 Pro UNBOXING and REVIEW!

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My Redmi K20 Pro Unboxing and Redmi K20 Pro review all in one video. I also compare Redmi K20 Pro vs OnePlus 7 Pro, in terms of battery, camera, benchmarks and more!

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k. Ramakrishna says:

How many of u interested to buy this mobile frds..

Kowallski_ says:

I have one question, does K20 Pro have the anti-fall protection on the selfie camera like OnePlus 7 Pro ? 🤔

Bibek Belbase says:

One plus: presenting all new flagship killer
Xaomi: hold my anaconda

Jayant Kumar says:

After watching this…I just threw my one plus 7

John Joel Magalang says:

That color blue is so beautiful
I wish I have one hahaha

Pepe The Frog says:

OnePlus was a flagship killer until the OP3t and after that they became greedy

Namn Namn says:

If only it has external sd support

Chirag Hota says:

One plus 7 pro is so beautiful

Zeuscraft says:

it's a chinnse phone
don't buy it
won't support android in 2 months
not worth your money

Reinhardt Lohengram says:

this is 500$ not fucking 400$, and on chinese websites

Yash Gautam says:

Mr whose is an asshole

Yash Gautam says:

I hate u u look so ugly and had a ugly name of your channel

Ujjwal Mehra says:

I bought the OP7 today simply cause i don't want mi ui or ads on my phone

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