RedMagic 5G VS iPhone 11 – Camera Comparison!

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The Ultimate Camera Comparison between the iPhone 11 and the Red Magic 5G Gaming Phone!
Check out the RedMagic 5G:

Throughout this video you can check out a bunch of daytime pictures and those include some portrait mode pictures, zoom pictures and pictures taken with the main lenses, Night Pictures using the Night Mode and of course some sample videos and selfies!

What do you think about the RedMagic 5G’s cameras?


wei ling says:

Red magic use Sony camera technologies and Sony in Japan is better company for manufacturer camera

Liniatu' says:

Choose : a fucking 1000$ phone that has sum gud cameras and a nice microphone, or a 500$ gaming phone that can launch into space and take 8k videos?

Roman Shocker says:

As a gaming phone with lower price and faster, I'll say red magic did great.

Bct Fitness says:

I love the whites of red magic and yellow of iPhone, am i color blind.?
My rooted poco shoots better than both with pixel experience gcam 🤪😂🤣

Noediting says:

It is not fair to compare gaming phone against non-gaming phone's camera. It would be fair if that iphone is also being compared here in games.

Michael Hazell says:

Red magic has better shallow depth of field because of the bigger sensor

Oyemakinde Tolu says:

Red magic has better noise cancellation

tonelloalexantonio tony says:

Red M just cut from accesories and camera, and other things wich do not need as a gaming phone was made to be. To keep a super price with theat battery life and theat specs, as refrrsh rate 144. I mean, comeon. Is a real deal for gaming with no doubt.

Arturo Martinez says:

like u say is a gaming phone not a phone for taking photos haha I have it and is super cool

miller antiola says:

Can i have your redmagic if dont want it…. Plzzzzzz

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